Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bay Area Reporter, Cross Your Fingers For New Job, In The News, Captured Cuties

So I have my "Journey's Greatest Hit's" CD playing in the background blogger friends and readers because I am really just that much of a geek, and because we may have some new friends visiting our blog and website, courtesy of that city by the bay, San Francisco, Calif. The Bay Area Reporter, local GLBT newspaper of the Bay area that services all around and not just San Francisco, has a little mention of me, your favorite Gay Guru, quoting my love of Terri Yale of Davey's Basement. Check out the link to the B.A.R., to read the full story. Matthew, the reporter for the story did a great job featuring Terri. It was great to support her, and to talk to Matt, since we have kinda switched places. I am from California, and now blogging here in NE Ohio, and he is originally from Connecticut and now writing in Northern California. A small, small world blogger friends. Speaking of Terri, I will have a BIG post about her this weekend. In one final attempt to keep the store from closing and perhaps even move a few miles to a more friendly town, A local band has generously started a benefit concert for her. Put down Saturday, January 20th on your calendar. I will give you more details this weekend, and updates weekly until it happens. A certain Guru will be trekking up to the great state of Michigan to lend my support as well.

Tomorrow is the day friends. I find out whether I get to quit the job I hate, so I can take over my current duties as Sales and Marketing Director for Accent Media, as a PAID position. As you know, I have been volunteering since Thanksgiving for my good friend Chip, to help him get back on his feet with his Video production company. We are starting to do much better, and I am hoping to be part of the staff next week. I was really hoping for this week, but what can you do I guess. The new job is something that I love, sales and marketing, (and all around bitch, bookeeper, appointment setter, etc.), and the hours are better and flexible. I will actually end up working more hours, but on my time most of the time and not afternoon into the night every day. Wish me luck and be thinking of me, and I hope you all get your dream job in the New Year as well.

And a look at what's IN THE NEWS............i was so happy today, and even went to my local chapter of the Stonewall Democrats tonight and joined because, Dems Take Over Congress; well, this could make me change my mind and actually decide to join a gym this year, Ritzy Gym's Janitors Sue Over Gay Sex; and it was hard enough to decide what to buy for just ONE parent these past holidays, Two Moms & A Dad Ruling Cheered, Assailed; hmmmm, well, if they were shooting at the guys at a gay party, there was some hate going on from somewhere, maybe just not the legal kind, Shootings At Gay Party Not Hate Crime Chicago Official Says; and finally, our favorite fictional fag hag, Karen Walker, has been dumped, Megan Mullally's Talk Show Canceled.

Well, I decided since we may have some West Coasters joining us, I would open up the chat room a little early. There is now an official chat room link on the navigation bar at It is still rough and in the testing mode, so it is not the prettiest little chat room to look at, but I will be upgrading it and customizing it, within the next few weeks. Hope to see you in chat sometime, I will be in at 7pm Eastern Time US and 11pm Eastern Time US thru this Sunday, January 7th. Pop in if you can. Captured Cuties today are found over at blogger friends, "Casual in Istanbul", and their sexy blog. Enjoy blogger friends...........GG



I love Megan Myullaly, but honestly...she should have kept that Karen character going...but as an artist...I understand why she didn't. ;-) peace

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