Tuesday, January 09, 2007

THANK YOU, I Love the GLBT Community and Our Supporters, In The News, New Job is Great

There have been a couple of times throughout these last 10 months of blogging, where I have asked myself what I was thinking of, is it really worth it? You all remind me again and again why I do though. Already some of you have donated some hard earned dollars to the "BREAK THE BOYCOTT" campaign, that I am supporting for Davey's Basement. In less than 2 weeks it will be a yes or now whether the store can remain open or move to fight the boycott. I know times are tough for everyone, and I appreciate anyone who has a couple of dollars or more to send to Terri Yale and her family. My thought process is this. If you lived close by, you would probably come to support the cause and listen to the music. It is $6 bucks to get in the door, and you would probably have a beer or two. Please take that $10 dollars you would have spent if you could and send it to the paypal addy on my website link. Then just stay home on Saturday the 20th, and imagine you are there supporting your GLBT community. Thanx again for those who have donated, and to those who will in the next 2 weeks. If you cant donate, because times are hard for everyone, I know, please at least spread the word about it in your blogs, or with friends or whatever. I am proud to write this blog, and I hope to never stop being amazed at the friends I have met on here, THANK YOU!!

Around the block there is more IN THE NEWS............ i thought the swiss were always so neutral, Swedish Court Rejects Lesbian Co-Parenting; and you wonder why we have to keep the memory of Mathew Sheppard alive, Federal Trial Begins In Gay Rape-Drug Murder Case; now this is an eye opener for all gay marriage proponents, NY Judge Voids Mass. Gay Marriage But Upholds $780K Post-Nup; at least when the armed service bungles it, they bungle big, Military: Gays Need Not Apply, Dead Welcome; and finally, is that a condom in your pocket, or you just ride the subway?, NY Wraps Itself In Latex.

First day on the new job went fantastic, thanx for all of the kind emails of support. I am slowly turning the office as gay friendly as possible, and if any of you have any audio/visual/multimedia needs for you GLBT business or project, please let me know. I did submit my first proposal yesterday that looks like it could get a $36,000 dollar production deal for an outdoor television show we would edit the completed footage of. I also sold a commercial production package to a computer office, so I am hitting the ground running.

I will be back with more later this evening blogger friends..........GG



Great news GG...I'm glad the new job is working out for you...even better you're already generating revenue! ;-) peace

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