Sunday, January 14, 2007

Inaugeration Balls (don't think so dirty), Road Trip To Daveys Basement On Film, In The News, TV Tonight

Hey Blogger Friends and Readers, I am sorry to be away, but I do not have remote blogging capability as of yet, and I have been off to the State Capitol the last couple of days!! It was a big election this year in Ohio, as well as the rest of the country. For the first time in 16 years, the Democrats have taken back the Major elective offices of the state; Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Treasurer have all swept the elections with the exception of State Auditor, but it's good to have the opposing party looking over the books while you are in office.

Any whoooo, I was invited very last minute to attend the innaugeral balls, (now doesnt that sound like something a gay congressmen could get impeached for, lol,) and had to make my way to Columbus, Ohio. It was a fantastic time, and I will post pictures when I get some. Here's the deal friends, the reason I dont bring my own camera to these events usually, is that I am VERY forgetful in my old age, lol, and end up leaving my camera, or other important things there, if they dont fit in my pocket. The pictures from PRIDE last year in Cleveland were no exception, I lost my camera once, but thank goodness friends were playing a trick on me, and had it.

However, I was able to talk my boss at the production studio, into coming with me next weekend to the "BREAK THE BOYCOTT" benefit for Davey's Basement, next week. He offered to bring a couple of camera's that HE will be responsible for, LOL, so I can have some fun interviews and pictures and even videos to post here and on the website. According to Terri, you my loyal and AWESOME reader friends have done most of the donating so far. You can still help out the cause and make a donation, or buy something off the Davey's Basement website, and help save the store. If you are able to get to Lansing, Michigan next Saturday, the 20th of January, come visit the Gay Guru, Live, In Person, and help out a great cause.

There's been some interesting things, IN THE typical WTF are you thinking in the Democrats, Gay Foe To Lead Centrist Democratic Wing; money, AND he wears a uniform, how hot is that?, Gay Cop Wins $450K in Bias Suit; now didnt the supreme court of Jersey say it "cannot discriminate based on homosexuality"?, Churches Exempt From NJ Civil Union Law AG Says; if it wasnt for the water, maybe we should illegally immigrate over there, 2nd Mexico State OKs Civil Unions; you gotta love those conservative's, i mean, really, you gotta, someone has to, they're idiots, Miami Mayor Under Fire For Pro Gay Comments; and finally, a gay waiter in NYC, really? who would have thought?, Gay Waiter Accuses Exclusive NYC Restaurant With Discrimination.

Tonight is my favorite television show, "Brothers and Sisters", at 10pm on ABC. If you STILL havent heard me gush enough about this show, and havent seen it yet, go check out the past episodes at You will be glad you did. If you are looking for a fun, easy drama with a positive gay character, this is the one. Tonight, our favorite gay Kevin meets his new love interest, the "closeted gay soap star" tonight. Oh, and did I mention, the soap star is played by the hot-as-hell Jason Lewis!! Should be some interesting TV. And of course, Rob Lowe has joined the cast as well, BONUS!! Dont ring my phone from 10-11pm blogger friends, LOL.

I have to admit the premiere of "You're The One That I Want", last week, where they are searching for the new leads for an upcoming Broadway produciton of "Grease", was not the most riveting casting calls. It was totally American Idol formulaic, but was just a little flat. Maybe when they actually get down to the final 12 and we start voting them out it will get more exciting, but I think I am back to crying with "Extreme Home Makeover" tonight instead.

Captured Cuties Later..........enjoy........GG


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