Friday, January 05, 2007

My New Job as Sales and Marketing Director, Captured Cuties

Evening blogger friends and readers. It became official today!! After reviewing all that I have been doing for my buddy Chip's business and the direction we have been able to take it in the 6 weeks of helping him out, I am now officially on the payroll. I am very happy and leaving my current job almost immediately. There is no ill-will, I am able to trade out of most of my shifts for my two-weeks notice, so I will be rehirable, and leave in good graces. I am now the Sales and Marketing Director for Accent Media, LLC, thank you very much. I actually took a small cut in pay to accept the job, but the trade-offs are definitely worth it. I now set my schedule, instead of working the horrid 130pm to 10pm shift I was stuck with in my old job. I now have weekends and evenings off, and not Thursday/Sundays. I now have a job that I fully enjoy and uses my talents, more than I was doing at the old one. I will probably end up putting in more hours at this new place, because I like it so much, and that's the way we are really going to succeed and both make more money. As Sales and Marketing Director, the more succesful I make the company and Chip the owner, the more succesful I will be as well. I am basically the second in charge of the entire company and involved in all facets, personnel, accounting, the whole nine yards. This will allow Chip to assume more of a Creative Director role, and make sure that all of the work we do for our clients is of the best quality we can make it, building our brand and our reputation. I will blog more about it soon, and be looking to all of you blogger friends and readers for clients. It's the digital age out there boys and girls and we are ready to move.

Enjoy your weekend all, and enjoy a couple Captured Cuties from the always hot lover of boys, over at, Addicted to Boy Beauty. Talk soon........GG



MAJOR congrats on the new job, kiddo!!! So when are they opening a SoCal branch?? ;)


Congrats GG!! That is great news, it's always so important to work a job that you enjoy...then it's not really a's more like fun! Great News for the New Year! ;-) peace

The Gay Guru

thanx guys, I am very excited about the new work. And a california office is in the 5 year plan SoCal, but my vacation playtime with you is in the 5 month plan or less....=)

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