Friday, January 05, 2007

Beware of Blog Stealers, FABulous Fridays Is Here Again

Morning blogger friends and readers. I want to share with you an email I got this morning. I have been hearing from a lot of blogger friends about their blog accounts getting hijacked and stolen, and all messed up. I hope it wasnt because one of these letters. I took out the links that were included because I am not sure if they are good or not, but the whole thing sounds fishy. I am NOT locked out of my blogger account, and there was no reason to regain access. As soon as I saw the email, I tried to log into my account without touching any of the links they gave me and it is fine. Be wary blogger friends.........

This email is a response to your request for information about your
Blogger account. To regain access to your account, please click on the
following link:

Clicking on this link will take you to a web page that will let you
choose a new password. Once you've submitted your new password, you'll
be able to log in to your Blogger account.

If in the process of recovering your password you see the log into
Blogger page, please see this Blogger Help article for information on
how to fix your browsers cookie settings:

You could also try logging in/recovering your password from a different
web browser - we recommend Mozilla Firefox:


The Blogger Team

Doesnt that sound fishy to you?? There were three links there, even one for firefox at the end. Just thought I would pass this along to you, so you dont get attacked by a blogger thief.

I havent had a FABulous Friday with you all in a while, so here's some of the latest gadgets that are waaaaaay to expensive to afford, but fun and I want them anyway. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends, see you in the chat at 7pm and 11pm tonight Eastern US time. Will post again late night. And we are off with FABulous finds on a another FABulous Friday..............GG

Want a sleigh as impressive as Santa! Then Armchair Cruisers offer an equally impressive ride for you that won’t take-off like Santa’s reindeer sledge, but is good enough to take you around the town! The motorized chair can turn in a 360 and it features a booming stereo too inside the couch, so you can launch yourself on the road with all the pomp and show, sitting comfy in your chair with a coke in your hand! You can even get your own customized version. All you need is, let them know 6 weeks in advance, to create a brand-spanking new couch for you! The prices of the motorized armchairs can vary from $3995 for a single seater, to $7995 for a gas-powered loveseat. And, if you want to get even more comfortable then you can even opt for the Motorized Sleeper Bed from Street Sleepers.

Bikes are not our first love, but, we do love to discuss about luxury bikes, be it the MoonChoppers 18K Gold Chopper, 24K gold-plated Kawasaki ZX-636 or the beastly Chrysler Tomahawk V10 Motorcycle. Another unique addition to our unique bike collection is The Dolmette which is the world’s first chainsaw powered motorcycle. The motorcycle is powered by 24 DOLMAR chainsaw engines and it uses a 5-speed Harley-Davidson transmission by a series of twelve toothed belts to deliver 5.2 kW of power (7.1 PS) at 10,000 rpm. The deadly beast churns-out a top speed of 125 kW when all 24 engines are combined. Check-out YouTube video here.

If you don’t mind going overboard with blingy stuff then this limited edition Signature Cobra cell phone from Vertu will indeed make you the ‘Bling King’ yet again! The Signature Cobra, designed by French jeweler Boucheron features cobra motif that features one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. And, the cobra Vertu will be available in limited edition of just 8 pieces for a price tag of $310,000. There is even a less pricier version called Signature Python that sells for $115,000 and will be available in limited edition of 26 sets.

And finally, just think of those chilling winter days, when you just could not concentrate on your work, especially if you have a desk job just like me! Then, no more worries, I have got a perfect solution to keep you hooked to your computer table even when it’s snowing outside. This Tabletop GlassFire Smokeless Fireplace will keep you warm while you are busy working! The portable fireplace can be carried wherever you like, indoors and outdoors and it’s dancing flames will be a treat to watch too! The stylish fireplace is crafted of heavy Italian glass and gleaming aluminum and it includes sand, faux logs, and a lighter. The fire is easily extinguished with the included snuffer. The fireplace sells for $549 at Frontgate. You can even settle for a less expensive but ultra-stylish Carl Mertens Tabletop Fireplace, we told you about sometime back.



I have received several such e-mails over the past few weeks. I decided to change the e-mail address that I show on my blog so that it is not the same e-mail that I use to sign in at Blogger.


Correction: I don't mean to sign in at Blogger, but the one that is on file at Blogger for them to contact me.

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