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BREAK THE BOYCOTT, You Are The One That I Want, Captured Cuties

Hey Blogger Friends and Readers. Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Mine was spent mostly cleaning up loose ends to start my new job full time on Monday. So I told you all about my hero, Terri Yale and her family that have gone thru the crisis of a boycott, eggs being thrown and drastic reduction of business, ever since she decided to support the local high school Gay/Straight Alliance by donating a float for their homecoming parade. It's been a hard 3 months for the Yale family and the store, Davey's Basement, and decisions have to be made. If things continue as they are, Terri is sure she will have to close the store by the end of February. However, some local artists are not letting this happen quietly and are staging one big benefit to try to keep the business alive.

The band "Minor Planets", who has a transgendered member, has created a benefit with a few other bands to help "BREAK THE BOYCOTT", and give Terri and Davey's Basement at least some breathing room for the next few months. There will be bands, a silent auction of signed music posters, cd's, art, area businesses and much, much more. The benefit is being held at Mac's Bar in nearby Lansing, Michigan from 5-9pm, and all ages are welcome until 9pm in this one time special event. The goal is to raise enough money to pay the lease and utilities for the next 6 months, and maybe get enough money to move the business to the more friendly city of Lansing, with a little bigger space to give room for GLBT youth, along with any other disenfranchised kids to have a place to hang out and be safe from prejudice and harrasment. Maybe even put in a coffee bar in it. The Gay Guru is breaking exile in NE Ohio to drive up to the event to help out in any way I can. YOU can help out in one of 3 ways. Come join us for the benefit, you can check out the GG Webpage or Davey's Webpage for more information. Purchase some music, paraphenalia, or GLBT buttons, stickers or keychains from the Davey's Website. Or donate money, tax-free, to the "BREAK THE BOYCOTT" fund, by sending money thru paypal by using the links at the websites above. We have to stop discrimination where it lives in 2007, and a boycott for a family business that supports Gay Youth is just WRONG!! Please make the Gay Guru and your GLBT community proud and donate to this benefit and worthy family and business!!

Minor Planets

Television is interesting tonight. Sunday has always been easy for me. A good cry watching Extreme Home Makeover, a good laugh at the usually funny Desperate Housewives, and then a feel good hour with one of my favorite new shows with a bonus of having a strong male co-star as well, watching Brothers and Sisters. Usually there has been no competition, but then NBC comes along and messes everything up. Against Extreme Makeover tonight, they begin their reality series, "You Are The One That I Want," the search for the next leads of a Broadway production of "GREASE." How can a card carrying homo say no to bad tv, centering around a triend and true musical?? And Rosie hating, (or should I say blood sucking publicity leech on Rosie's hard working fat ass,) Donald Trump, has his next season of The Apprentice debuting tonight. Since you know my undying loyalty is to Rosie O'Donnell, you would think this would be an easy choice and to dump the donald and get back to the second half of housewives and brothers and sisters. Not so fast blogger friends, I actually liked The Apprentice, and this season they have not 1 but 2 gay males on their fighting for their chance to suck up, errrr, i mean, work for The Donald. Decisions, decisions, luckily, Housewives and Brothers/Sisters are rerun the next day on, so I think it will just be a quick flip flop to see Extreme Makeover on the commercials for Grease. Am I a dork or what, LOL.

Not much in the news this weekend that was too interesting so it's time to say goodbye til tomorrow. Captured Cuties today were found on good blogger buddies Leonard's, The Wonderful World of Leonard. This is a bud I want to hang out with on my next trip to California. Between him, SocalMuchacha, Wat and Mikey, should be good times...........Enjoy..........GG



LOL, why thanks GG...I'm looking forward to it! I say we just all get together and have a great time! (and not in the dirty way either...readers!) ;-) peace


But Leonard, did you notice that he put "should be good times" and not "WILL be good times"?? Tsk-tsk-tsk. ;)

The Gay Guru

a proper guru would never kiss and tell no matter what happens, and the pessimist in me always comes thru socal, i will probably get sun poisoning for being in the wonderful california sun again after all these dreary ohio days, LOL....

republic of m

Hey, Thanks for posting about Davey's Basement. We need to fight stuff like this when ever we can.

Republic of M


socal good looking and my dirty mind ;-) peace!

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