Monday, December 10, 2007

Great Weekend, Meds Made Him Gay, Rosie O'Donnell and the Flip Video Recorder

Happy Monday blogger friends!! I sit here relaxing over coffee and some live music in my favorite coffee and pastry shop, The Mocha House, and I am thinking about how life is good. I connected with some long lost friends in California over the weekend. I got to go to a great seminar on equality for all GLBT peoples. And I got to chill out and catch up on this weeks Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy that I missed this week. Did you all know that Henry was that hot before this week? I mean, I knew he was handsome, and I had heard he had a great body, but DAMN!! I was so worked up last night I had to add whipped cream and hot chocolate to my grocery list this week. I am still lovin' Greys, but I am not sure if I want the on again, off again, on again, off again McDreamy and Meridith off again by the cute scrub nurse, who now seems to have a way with hospital electronics. Anyway, I am just saying.......great weekend!!

So "IN THE NEWS", I found this a little funny........Did you know that there is a chance we can turn Michael J. Fox gay?? Well, not really, but maybe his Meds for Parkinsons can. Does anybody find this as ridiculous as I do? Ahhhh the French.....cant live with them, cant call them Freedom Fries.......LOL.... Med's Made Him gotta read this.

You all know that I love, Love, LOVE Rosie O'Donnell right? I know, I know, some of you can;t stand her, and thats all good, I just am one of the one that truly GETS her. I always have, and used to watch her at tapings of Star Search and Gimme A Break, back in L.A. (Yes I really am that old, how sad, lol) Anyway, my point in bringing this up is yet another self-serving shameless plug for a Christmas present. I hope you know that I bring these presents up in partial jest. I really do want everything I write about, but I dont ask or expect you dear blogger friends to get me anything ever. I do however have friends and spies on here who like to keep up with me and actually are in the present buying catagory for birthdays etc. And well, why let an opportunity pass you by, thats what I say!! So Rosie O' has found the joys of the new FLIP Video Recorder, and found that it's perfect for blogging and just her OCD in general. It looks like a blast and I really want one to experiment with some video blogs in the future. They are only around $120-$150 bucks, so am hoping Mama and Papa Guru are listening, because I am just too broke to pay attention right now, let alone by myself a present. Seriously folks, if you are looking for an inexpensive easy video camera thats great for home computer movies, or blogs, you gotta check it out, and if they have a 2 for 1 sale, send one to the! Have a great week blogger friends, I am outtie............GG


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