Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Making It Through The Holidays: Some Video Enjoyment

Okay, Okay, I know it has been forever, but please, it's the holidays for crying out loud. I will start megaposting again at the first of the year, or as Mega as I have time for. So to keep you busy until the new year, I am going to admit that I have been so off my A game lately, that I have not made any mention or brought to light the fact of our daytime storyline that has been unfolding over on As The World Turns. Maybe most of you are already full aware of this and need to reminders, but for the uninitiated, and for those that actually have a day job and no DVR, I am going to be posting the Luke and Noah storyline from beginning until last weeks "very special" christmas episode. For those who have been playing along, you may feel free to jump around and find the days you might have missed. For those new to the storyline of Luke and Noah, I stronglyl recommend that you start here from the beginning and watch each episode in order. I did, and I am glad, because it caught me up well. I have to give a HUGE shout out to "Blanenship", who has been making and archiving these over at his YouTube Site.

By now I am sure you are all very aware of my thinking that "Brothers and Sisters", over on ABC, is the best show around for both fun storylines in general and it's plot heavy real gay storylines. Well my friends, I have seen the light and ATWT has been doing a bang-up job at the gay relationship department, of course in a more daytime soapsy way. So I will talk to you all in the new year, and for now.........enjoy these great YouTube clips of the Luke and Noah story................(bi the bi, have you noticed how it rolls off your tongue almost as much as Luke and Laura over on another sudsy show...hmmmm...just saying)







There you go blogger friends, I will put up 5 episodes a day until New Years......Enjoy........GG

Friday, December 21, 2007

For The Bible Tells Me So - Trailer

Sorry I have been busy leading up to the holidays blogger friends. This video I hope will get you thinking and looking up information about this important documentary online. I will be posting more about it this weekend as we get closer to Christmas. As we think about Merry Christmas, we must also think about the merry Christians, who will use the bible and other tools to make us gays feel less than them in the eyes of God....I say think again!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jackie Beat Christmas 2007-

Special thanx to my Lady L, the SoCalMuchacha, for going to see Jackie in Concert over the weekend and sharing this video she made........Enjoy

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa's Baby- Jackie Beat

Okay blogger friends, have you had the pleasure of the Divine Miss Jackie Beat?? Always loud and oh so politically incorrect, I gotta say she cracks me up, so here is a little holiday blasphemy for you....enjoy...GG

Monday, December 10, 2007

Great Weekend, Meds Made Him Gay, Rosie O'Donnell and the Flip Video Recorder

Happy Monday blogger friends!! I sit here relaxing over coffee and some live music in my favorite coffee and pastry shop, The Mocha House, and I am thinking about how life is good. I connected with some long lost friends in California over the weekend. I got to go to a great seminar on equality for all GLBT peoples. And I got to chill out and catch up on this weeks Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy that I missed this week. Did you all know that Henry was that hot before this week? I mean, I knew he was handsome, and I had heard he had a great body, but DAMN!! I was so worked up last night I had to add whipped cream and hot chocolate to my grocery list this week. I am still lovin' Greys, but I am not sure if I want the on again, off again, on again, off again McDreamy and Meridith off again by the cute scrub nurse, who now seems to have a way with hospital electronics. Anyway, I am just saying.......great weekend!!

So "IN THE NEWS", I found this a little funny........Did you know that there is a chance we can turn Michael J. Fox gay?? Well, not really, but maybe his Meds for Parkinsons can. Does anybody find this as ridiculous as I do? Ahhhh the French.....cant live with them, cant call them Freedom Fries.......LOL.... Med's Made Him gotta read this.

You all know that I love, Love, LOVE Rosie O'Donnell right? I know, I know, some of you can;t stand her, and thats all good, I just am one of the one that truly GETS her. I always have, and used to watch her at tapings of Star Search and Gimme A Break, back in L.A. (Yes I really am that old, how sad, lol) Anyway, my point in bringing this up is yet another self-serving shameless plug for a Christmas present. I hope you know that I bring these presents up in partial jest. I really do want everything I write about, but I dont ask or expect you dear blogger friends to get me anything ever. I do however have friends and spies on here who like to keep up with me and actually are in the present buying catagory for birthdays etc. And well, why let an opportunity pass you by, thats what I say!! So Rosie O' has found the joys of the new FLIP Video Recorder, and found that it's perfect for blogging and just her OCD in general. It looks like a blast and I really want one to experiment with some video blogs in the future. They are only around $120-$150 bucks, so am hoping Mama and Papa Guru are listening, because I am just too broke to pay attention right now, let alone by myself a present. Seriously folks, if you are looking for an inexpensive easy video camera thats great for home computer movies, or blogs, you gotta check it out, and if they have a 2 for 1 sale, send one to the! Have a great week blogger friends, I am outtie............GG

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Equality Ohio, MySpace Spam

Hey blogger friends!! I have literally just returned from a leadership conference in Columbus, Ohio for Equality Ohio. It was great meeting with various GLBT groups from all over the state to share ideas, learn about the goals for Ohio in 2008, and do some great fellowship and networking. I represented our Mahoning Valley Stonewall Democrats, and was really impressed by all the great work that Equality Ohio is doing and continues to do. Executive Director, Lynn, is a one woman dynamo who knows what she is talking about, and more importantly, knows how to create excitement, build consensus, and run an organization. Attorney General for the State of Ohio, Marc Dann, gave a keynote address, and fielded questions, and was great to see as a proud supporter of state diversity and inclusion. I really want to start exploring my activist roots again after I attend events such as these. We will see what the future holds for the Gay Guru.

Can I tell you all my one gripe since being back? MySpace Spam!!! For some reason, I dont remember so much spam coming through before when I was running the page. It seems that I am daily deleting 5-10 inbox messages at least that are trying to make you my friends, click thru to some sort of scheme or another. And friends requests?? At least it's pretty easy to pick the ones that are spam/porn, due to the fact that they are of very beautiful, voluptious woman who are asking the GAY guru that they are looking for people in my area to be friends or date, LOL. I guess it's a natural progression on a free networking space such as MySpace, but I cant help but be disappointed. How about telling me what you think Blogger Friends. Should I continue to sort thru all the spam as a necessary evil to talk to you, all of my legitimate MySpace friends, or should I forget MySpace altogether and just have you check out the www.MyGayGuru(dot)blogspot(dot)com Share with me your thoughts blogger friends. Maybe I should go back to a 1-5 page website and skip MySpace.

Hope you all are getting ready for a Happy Holiday Season blogger friends. I am thinking on doing another 12 gays of christmas posting starting the 14th, it was kinda fun last year. Take care.................GG

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Quick Post, Hump Day Hotties

Killer busy week at work here blogger friends, so lite posts this week, and am out of town to Columbus, Ohio this Friday and Saturday for a conference. Hope you are all having a great week. Am just checking in for a quick sec. I am trying to get the "After Elton" widget on this blog so you can have some entertainment gay news at your fingertips. If it's not up and running by will be by the weekend. I will suffice it to leave by putting up a little hump day hottie and wishing you all a great night........will talk to you sometime this week, but until this week evens out, who knows when.............GG

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Annie Lennox's SING -- World AIDS Day 2007

Along with our GLBT bretheren, we remember there is suffering around the world with this dreaded disease.



World AIDS Day was originally organised by UNAIDS, who chose the theme after consultation with other organisations. In 2005 UNAIDS handed over responsibility for World AIDS Day to an independent organisation known as The World AIDS Campaign (WAC).

The WAC’s slogan for their work is "Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise". This is an appeal to governments, policy makers and regional health authorities to ensure that they meet the many targets that have been set in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and especially the promise of universal access to HIV treatment, care, support and prevention services by 2010. This campaign will run until 2010, with a related theme chosen for World AIDS Day each year.

The 2007 theme, “leadership”, highlights the need for innovation, vision and perseverance in the face of the AIDS challenge. The campaign calls on all sectors of society such as families, communities and civil society organisations - rather than just governments - to take the initiative and provide leadership on AIDS.


The red ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS awareness that is worn by people all year round and particularly around World AIDS Day to demonstrate care and concern about HIV and AIDS, and to remind others of the need for their support and commitment.

The red ribbon started as a "grass roots" effort; as a result there is no one official AIDS ribbon manufacturer, and many people make their own. It's easily done - just use some ordinary red ribbon and a safety pin!


There are many ways in which you can support World AIDS Day. For example:

Raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in your area
Wear a red ribbon and ask others to do the same
Sign up as a supporter of the Stop AIDS in Children campaign
Protect yourself and your partners - this is the first and best way to stop the spread of HIV
If you are worried - get tested

At school or work, you can support World AIDS Day by:

Having a dressing up, down or fancy dress day
Putting up some posters - get people talking
Making and selling red ribbons
Organising a creative writing/poster campaign
Setting up a debate or a quiz - there are lots of ideas for topics on our site
Cooking an international meal or having a cake sale
Arranging a sponsored three-legged race or balloon release
Getting your friends, family, colleagues or pupils to express their feelings and expand their knowledge about AIDS
Using your imagination!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Have A Great Weekend..........A Hump Day Replacement Video

Ahhhh, this was nice, a couple days off to get some stuff done, and no angry emails or peoples thinking I skipped town again, lol. So as the first weekend of December is upon us, I figured I might as well decorate the house and tree the last couple of nights. Come to think of it, I have been so busy, these are the first ball's I have played with in a while, ummm, christmas balls I mean, ummm, ornaments! Are you all getting decorated for the holiday? Or am I the last one as usual, and thats how you spent your time instead of football after Thanksgiving? I moved into a new apartment since I last posted, (another story for another time,) and I decided that I would break out the artificial tree this year, since my living room carpeting is kinda hi-low and would be a witch to get the dried needles out of later. Of course I should just post a picture of the darn thing, but I havent taken any pictures yet. I will get around to that this weekend I guess.

So I feel a little guilty that I said I would make Wednesdays "Hump Day Wednesdays" again this time back, but as I said, oooops, I got busy. Lets try to make it up to you with this little funny video I found on my surfing travels. Words can be kinda stupid, but hey, the first time I looked at this, I was not looking or listening to the words. (wink, wink) Enjoy................

Have a great weekend everyone. I will check in at least once this weekend............Muah............GG

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Lady L, Dont Ask/Dont Tell, My Xmas Present #2

For my lovely Lady L, a fourth posting, and brought to you in party by the aforementioned Lady.

As viewed on the video podcast On Duty. OnDutyPodcast.Blogspot.Com

The Unknown Service Member.
He is proud.
He is patriotic.
He is honorable.
He is fearless.
And he is silent… because he is gay.

There are more than 65,000 LGBT service members currently serving in the United States’ Armed Forces. This is Unknown Service Member #1. He has served his country with honor and distinction, but because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” we cannot show you his face.

Are you an Unknown Service Member?

Do you want to stand up and be counted?

SLDN is scouring the globe in an effort to acknowledge the contributions of each and every LGBT service member currently in uniform. If you are one of these courageous Americans, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

We do not want your name!
We do not want your rank!
We do not want your serial number!
But we do want your anonymous photo!

Now….Cover your face. Make sure there’s nothing that identifies who or where you are. And send your photo to What number are you?

I have been working with my Stonewall Democrat group in a petition drive to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue, it's an equal rights issue, and something you should definitely be concerned with. We will be presenting it to Tim Ryan, our House Representative, very soon. I hope if you happen to be a reader of the GG who is a serviceman or woman, or you know someone who is, and you are gay, please go to the site above and submit your picture.

So I am still getting in the holiday spirit, and I never get bored of giving you gift ideas for lil ol' me. I told you about the "Hairspray" movie that I am hoping for, and I just found the next thing on my list. I just read that a Company Markets Larry Craig 'I'm Not Gay' Action Doll. The doll, which stands about 12 inches tall, wears a T-shirt with his now famous "I am not gay" pronouncement. Craig, who has voted throughout his career against every LGBT measure that came before the Senate, in a news conference shortly after news of his arrest became public said "I am not gay. I have never been gay." offers a range other 'unusual' Christmas gifts including a Bush countdown key chain and the Hillary Clinton nutcracker.

Have a great week Blogger Friends............GG

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pets Not Partners, My Two Moms, Out Top 100

Hey there blogger friends. Just a couple quick things that caught my eye today. I hope you all know that despite Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Keyes, Florida is still one of the most homophobic states around when it comes to gay rights. Blogger friend Rosie O'Donnell brought it glaringly to light when she had to let friends adopt the foster girl she had brought into her home, (called Mia at the time,) because gays can be foster parents in Florida, but cannot adopt. It unfortunately comes as no shock to me today, that a Florida College Approves Medical Plans For Employee's Pets, Denies Benefits For Domestic Partners. C'mon now, really?? Although I do think that PETA is a little whacked in the head most of the time anyway, but insurance for employee's pets before an employee's lover? Somethings are just too crazy even for me.

On a brighter note however in the Bible Belt of the country, Omaha, Nebraska, we have a Cartoon That Features Two Moms. "Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" a five year old boy named Buddy who loves science and solves daily problems with the help of his sidekick "Socrates," an armband computer with Internet capabilities The series was created by Margaux and Donna Towne-Colley who say it was inspired by the birth of their own son The premiere DVD can be ordered from the cartoon's website: and retails for $10.00.

While enjoying my weekly Barnes and Noble Latte on Sunday, I did have the chance to peruse OUT magazine and it's annual Top 100 Out Peoples, or some such thing. It was a good read, although moi was not included, those damn hiatus' seem to knock you out of the running everytime, ah well, I digress. Anywho, I was happy to know a couple of those included, like Andy Cohen of Bravo, ( okay, so I dont know him-know him, but we have exchanged pleasant emails), and a scribe and a songbird, (you can figure those friends out on your own). There are a few I wanted to know more about, so I picked up the zine and will make some inquiries. Who knows, maybe I will have an OUT 100 up for cyber tea and a lil old interview or something. I am out blogger friends.........take care and Happy Monday............GG

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back In The Saddle, The Gay Guru Rides Again

Two days in a row, a very good sign. First a big THANK YOU to all who have sent nice thoughts and wishes on my return. I have missed all of you as well, or I would not have decided to come back. I have been perusing some of your blogs, sites, etc. and it seems as though you all have been busy while I was gone, LOL. I am looking forward to the ride again, and hopefully take you on an exciting and informative journey as well.

So one of the things that kept me busy on my hiatus from the GG blog, was my membership in the Stonewall Democrats. As most of you know, I am a political junkie, who happens to be Democrat with some Independent leanings as well. The Stonewall Democrats is a great organization that keeps me informed of the GLBT issues before Congress, and at the local level, it keeps me up to date on friends and foes in the immediate area of the Home State here in NE Ohio. One of things I am currently watching, is New Hampshire. Of course known as an early bellwether primary state that lets it's voters vote along ANY party lines, it could prove a bit interesting in that, New Hampshire is Preparing For Civil Unions. Civil Unions will be come legal in the state January. Couples entering civil unions will have the same rights, responsibilities and obligations as married couples. Same-sex unions from other states also would be recognized if they were legal in the state where they were performed A new license has been created for civil unions and will be available at local clerk's offices in towns and cities across the state.

Looking for the perfect gift for the Gay Guru this holiday season, or anyone else that needs some sheer fun or a change in their bigoted attitudes? How about the recently released DVD of "Hairspray" the movie musical. I gotta tell you, if you havent seen this movie yet, what the heck are you waiting for?? The movie has something for everyone, and the DVD is packed full of extras, amost 2 extra hours worth, (plus more if you buy it at Walmart.) For those looking for the gay experience, you gotta cast crammed full of the who's who of whispered about actors that are supposedly gay. John Travolta drags it up as bigger than life mama Edna Turnbladt. Queen Latifah shows us her rhythm and blues as Motormouth MaeBell. Cutie and a half Zac Efron as Linc Larkin. If you are not familiar with the plot of the movie, Tracy Turnbladt is a big girl with big hair and a passion for dancing. Her dream of dancing on Baltimore's local "Corny Collins Show", comes true, but also opens her eyes to the racial bigotry of the time and the age old prejudice of chubby people and those that are "different". Through lots of singing and dancing, Tracy takes on "the man", and tries to bring integration to the baltimore dance scene. You gotta get this DVD, and if you get an extra, send it over GG's way, I'll be a happy camper, lol.

I'll be coming back slow but sure blogger's good to be back, and check in on me when you can.........GG

Saturday, November 24, 2007

There's A Rumble In The Blogosphere

What was that sound? Was it thunder, is there a storm a comin'? Was it a big burp from the second helpings of Thanksgiving Dinner and Leftovers, heard around the country? Or was it just a little rumble in the blogosphere, as a long, lost blogger returns? Time will tell..............

There was a comeback promised once before that never really happened before it ended. Can this Gay Guru guy be trusted? Is he just a flash in the pan who likes to throw his weight around every once in a while? Will he disappear into the netherworld again with nary a look back at his cyber friends and buddies he made along the way?

The answers my friends, are blowing in the wind, the answers are blowing in the wind. A rumbling has come inside me that says that I can do this, that i SHOULD do this. The first time around was pretty succesful. Maybe too succesful that it got a bit overwhelming the responsibilities that came with it. The second time around was a hiccup. An anniversary look thru rose-colored glasses at the first time and then getting cold feet really fast as soon as the toe was dipped back into the pool. This time I think it will be different. Third time's the charm and all of that stuff. I've grown a bit older, a bit wiser, and a bit bigger around the belly, (damn that good Midwest cooking!)

There will be no trifecta this time. The Gay Guru website will not be put back into commission at this time. There are no plans for it's immediate future either. I think it was the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back. Too much updating all the time between the blog, the Myspace page, the website, and did I really try to start an adult "After Dark" version...jeeeeeesh! This time it will be this blog, and this Myspace. There will be no timetable of posting. There will be feast and famine, but I promise no famine longer than a week. I might post a couple of times in one day, and maybe sometimes once a week, but I think I still have a lot to say.

I am hoping that this will come back heading in 2 strong directions, Information/Opinion and Advice/Resources. I am still an avid news junkie, and I read some blogs with regularity, and I definitely will be posting with events and my comments on said events that interest me. One of the things that got me looking around the Gay Blogosphere again was the BratboySchool Controversy. It is primarily over, but I was sure wishing I had a forum to comment on that debacle. I also want for the Gay Guru to be a place you can come to for advice and get resources on your questions regarding GLBT culture. This comes tugging at me from the coming political season, ENDA, a gay teenagers suicide, and a feeling of debt to the community.

I am asking for a third chance blogger friends, and I may or may not deserve it, but I am going to push ahead anyway. Those that were hurt at my abrupt departures, I understand and am sorry, but I wont dwell on the past. Please welcome me back with open arms, or exercise your right and ask me to remove you from any friends list, or whatever you need for closure. For new blogger friends, thanx for inviting me into your life and lifestyle and lets start a new journey. 2008 is just around the corner and there is nothing like a good ending of a decade to get out there and make some noise and shout for GLBT rights and responsibilities.

I literally have not really looked at this site in the past 6 months much. I am sure there are going to be some broken links on it and I will have to redo the blogrolls to the right. Please give me some time to do that, but within a week or so, I will hopefully find out who's still around, who's not, and who wants to keep the links going.

OH! I almost forgot, lets start out slow with some "Humpday Hotties" and bring back the hot boys I used to find around the Internet and such, not quite every day yet, lets start with Humpday Wednesdays. But I should bribe you back into the Gay Guru fold with a teaser of a Wednesday to come.......................Take care blogger friends................GG

Friday, April 13, 2007

Playing Hookie from Packing, Intern Day, Day of Silence, In The News, Cuties

So here's the deal, I could either be packing for my move this fine Friday evening, or contemplating life at a new coffee shop with my trusty laptop once again. Guess which won? LOL! I remember the days when I was restaurant managing and I would get transferred around a lot, (yes I was just that good that EVERYONE wanted me to manage their restaurant), and they used to pay for the movers who would even pack for you!! I miss those days. Of course they would pack EVERYTHING. If you left trash in a trashcan, it would get packed with the rest. I learned that the hard way once.

Intern Interview day went very well today, and out of the 11 that I interviewed, I am bringing back 4 for second interviews at the studio next week. I am nervous about two of them. One is a very beautiful girl, great personality, seems like a hard worker. Have I mentioned that at my production company all the employees are male, and most under 28. I am not sure how the guys would handle having a female Intern around. It really could turn into a Bill Clinton thing, lol. The other one I am a bit nervous about is a very good looking boy, great personality, seems like he could sell ice to Eskimo's, so would be good for the posiition. My nervousness with him, is maybe I was a bit smitten with him, and there were some alarms going off about him, that he was waaaaayyyyy too much a yes man, and is probably full of sh*t. However, even if that is the case, he does have that charm that could sell if I put him in the Sales and Marketing Intern position I am hiring for. What to do, What to do!!

I am giving you all a little reminder now, and I will be blogging about it on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, April 18th, is again, the "National Day of Silence" in our schools. I will blog more about it on Tuesday, but just know it's where students are to remain silent all day in school in solidarity of GLBT rights. It has been celebrated on campus's across America, and while still controversial, it HAS raised awareness. If you have or know a supportive family member or friend, who is going to school, please look up this movement, or read my post on Tuesday, and invite them to do the same.

A few things I have found interesting, "In The News.............Colorado Gay Adoption Bill Heads To Governor, also Pair Sentenced in Kidnapping and Brutal Beating of Santa Fe Gay Teen, and Gay Marriage Bill Advances in Connecticut, and finally, speaking of the National Day of Silence,School Sued Over Anti-Gay Protest.

Captured Cuties today, come from one of my favorite bloggers over in South Africa, Marco, and his always pleasing eye candy from One Third Basketi. Have a great weekend blogger friends, I will talk to you all soon.........GG

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday in The Coffee Shop, Dont Ask Dont Tell, Captured Cuties

Hello Blogger friends, I hope you have all put away the Easter candy and are moving along towards the Memorial Day Picnic, lol. I am sitting here, sipping my newfound fave, pomegranite hot tea from the Republic of Tea, at one of the local coffee houses. Yes boys and girls, and probably more boys, lol, I finally have access to the dreaded laptop. Does this portend much more blogging and keeping in touch from the local "hot spots", or does it simply mean I am going to get even more chubby by sipping on cappucino's and eating pastries and muffins? Only time and the waistline of my pants will know for sure.

So during my absence, I decided to try to make a difference by joining the local Stonewall Democrats club, here in my area of NE Ohio. If you ever wanna find out more about it, you can check out One of our current goals is to get a bunch of signatures to present to our local Congressman, to begin the repeal process of "Dont Ask, Dont Tell," and permit gays to serve in the military. Have you realized that since the Iraq war started, the number of gays thrown out of the army has gone from an average of 1000 per year, to less than 600? Seems now that they need us, they dont have the time to prosecute and court martial, and the hetero's can somehow servive serving next to a homosexual soldier. This petition is just to give information to our Congressman and is non-binding and therefore not necessarily have to be signed by only registered voters in our county. If any of you want to bring a petition to your local gay organization, club or bar, let me know and I will email one for you to print out and you can make copies, fill it out and send it back to me. We deserve to be the few and the proud ourselves if that is what we believe in!!

I hope you have a great weekend blogger friends. I will probably be offering up another post Saturday or Sunday. I am in the process of packing for my move to my new apartment at the end of this month. Also tomorrow, I am at the local University all day long, interviewing Interns, for a Summer Sales Intern with the production company I am running. (NO! Not in the Bill Clinton way of interviewing Interns darn it!!) Well, enjoy a couple Captured Cuties, today from Laterz blogger friends........GG

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nice To Take a Day Off, and The Return of Captured Cuties

Aaaaahhhhh!! Missed a day of posting and all is right with the world. I think my new attitude and the support of all my cyber blogger friends will keep this going for a long, long time. I will start to get you all back into the going's on in my life a little bit at a time, as I have time to retell the tales. Work is going well, still at the production company, and am practically running the whole damn place. Love life is at a standstill yet again, but don't cry for me Argentina, all is well with the world and Mr Right is out there somewhere.

I got the hint from the poll results and quite a few emails, and the beautiful boys are here to stay. Maybe not every post, but in most of them for sure. I am going to TRY to bring back my idea I tried to sell before and offer "Captured Cuties" and "Original Sin". To remind you all, "Captured Cuties," are just some hot guys I find on the Internet, either thru visiting friends blogs, or websites, or models from stores I visit or whatever. I claim no copyright to any captured cutie image, and if you DO own the copyright, please send me an email with proof, and I will remove it immediately. I will also provide linking info to where I found the image if at all possible......"Original Sin", is my attempt to get YOU, my blogger friends and readers to send in your own pictures that hopefully have not been on the net yet, that you are proud to show-off. Of course preferrably, I am looking for pictures of hot boys, of yourself, of your brother, husband, friend, etc., but please make them PG13, and ask them if it's okay to send in so you dont embarrass anyone. But Heck! I will take any original pictures you want to send in. Your pet, a funny picture you took on vacation, a beautiful picture you took on vacation. Anything that is original, not on the net can be in "original sin". So get those pics emailed in, and in the mean time, I will have the tough job of finding hot guys on the web to share with you in "Captured Cuties".

I bring back Captured Cuties with a couple of hotties I found over at fellow blogger and cyber friend Marko's site, Marks Planet. Enjoy and talk to you all soon....GG

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!! Disney Commits to Commitments, Eye Candy Poll


Just a quick note to say thanx for the warm welcome back and I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend. As usual, I am with Mama and Papa Guru with feast-a-plenty, including ham, cranberry jewel salad, cauliflower in cheese sauce, fresh baked croissants, white chocolate dipped strawberries, plain strawberries, and homemade blueberry pie. Not having Easter dinner? Bet I just made you pretty darn hungry, LOL. More to come as I ease back into this blog and what I want to do with it, but let's at least get back to one important announcement that was "In The News" this weekend........

Disney Opens Fairy Tale Wedding Service To Gay Commitment Ceremonies.....The Walt Disney Co. has changed its popular Fairy Tale Wedding program to allow for commitment ceremonies between same-sex couples. Disney had previously limited access to the program to couples with a valid marriage license. Ceremonies are offered at Disneyland in California and at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, as well as on Disney's cruise ships. Packages include flowers, dining, music and other extras, depending on the location. Walt Disney World has a dedicated wedding pavilion and for an extra fee, couples can exchange vows in front of the park's iconic attractions, including Cinderella's castle. The tide is slowly turning boys and girls, and it seems like just yesterday that me and my boyfriend back in college had to find discreet places to make out, while exploring Tom Sawyers Island at the California original Disneyland. Now I can call him "Princess", and mean it in Cinderella's castle, LOL.

Last the daily eye candy, or captured cuties I used to put on daily from around the web a little too retro and a thing of the past, or should I keep 'em around to entice some new readers to the site??.......Laterz.......GG

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Okay, so where do I begin to start, to appologize, and to make ammends for disappearing off the face of the earth? How about beginning with why I decided to come back, and why come back today. Well, today, April 7th, was my first official post as I started the Gay Guru adventure exactly one year ago today. It was the beginning of my quest to see if one gay man could make a difference by trying to provide information, commentary, ask questions, and hopefully provide a little humor along the way. To see how mind blowing boring I was as I first started out, HERE is my very first post, one year ago today. Scary isn't it? I have hopefully deluded myself into thinking that I had gotten a little better along the way, but the jury is still out on that one.

So that should clear up why I started back up today, but why I started back up at all is another story entirely. I guess it has to go back to why the heck I stopped in the first place, and why did I stop without a peep to anyone, especially my fantastic friends I made along my journey like SoCalGal, Mikey, Marko, Leonard, WAT, Bruce, and a whole host of others that will make this waaaaay too long of a post if I went on, but suffice it to say, I know I left a lot of good cyber friends hanging. The answer is, there is no good answer! I had one heartache, and a huge feeling of overwhelmingness, and a dash of self-pity that what I write/wrote does not really make a bit of a difference in the world, when bloggers who simply use sex appeal and superfulousness, seem to get all of the attention and readers anyway.

The heartache is not ready to be shared as of yet, but let's just say it was bad and threw me into a mini-depression that I couldn't fight out of for a while. The feeling of overwhelmingness came from a bunch of places, obviously. I had the new job at the production studio that was taking a lot of my time, and caused a bit of grief in the pay department, where I have not really recovered yet, but am getting closer every day. I had a living situation that was getting worse by the day, which I continued to live with until I FINALLY put in my 30 days notice April 1st, and found a new, better place to live. I felt the pressure of the Gay Guru website, and not being able to update it as I feel it needed to be, and what I wanted it to be, so I was feeling a failure at that. I had that huge blow-up with my best friend that I told you all about, and it was eating away at me, not being able to talk to him about stuff. And finally, on my road trip to help save Davey's Basement from closing, my friend and I had a minor emergency with his family and had to turn around half way there, and I wasnt able to fulfill my promise to Teri, and was feeling really bad about that. I also learned that they didnt make much money and it wasnt a huge turnout, so I felt guilty about that, and it led to a bit of my feeling that this blog just didnt matter. So that and some more minor things, put me into a major shut-down mode that was hard to share and come out of with my cyber friends and blogger buddies.

As for the appology, I am truly sorry that I let me friends, fans, and fellow bloggers down, and I will try to not ever let it happen again. This was a very enlightening and well spent 3 months off, and I hope to come back energized, refreshed, dedicated, and ready for the challenges and accomplishments that lie ahead. To be truthful, I just decided this morning that today was the day I was going to come back to the blogosphere. Anniversary date or not, I wasnt sure I was going to do this, although I have thought about it for the last few weeks. As I sat at the computer this morning, it just felt right to start back again. I am really kind of playing it by ear, much like when I started out, I am not sure what direction I am going to take with this blog. For sure, the website is not coming back yet, if at all. Until I can devote time to making sure it is constantly updated, or can find friends who are willing to help make that happen, I am not ready to make that commitment yet. I am not yet going to promise that I will be writing a new post for this blog daily, but I still do have a lot to say, and a lot that I think needs to be talked about, so we will see with that as well. Once again I ask you, what readers I have left, and what readers are hopefully yet to come, what would you like to see from this blog, and what brought you or still brings you here anyway? My goal is to still bring information, commentary, questions and humor, but do I want to do it as a national/local forum, or do I want to do it all personal opinion and not bring general information to the site. I am going to have to take some time to update my links, as I have not read much while I have been gone as well. I am not sure if all of my links are still working and if the blogs are still going. Hopefully, I will have that done in the next week or so. If I DO NOT have you as a link, and you would like your site or blog linked here, please send me an email at "mygayguru(at) (I had to do that to stop the spammers, substitute @ for (at).....)

There is more to tell, and I am sure you may have questions as well, so I will stop here for now. I hope you will accept me back, and let's see where this goes now in the future..........Laterz Blogger Friends...........GG

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Series Coming to HERE TV! Lite Blogging Ahead

Hey blogger friends! The snow has finally found it's way back to NE Ohio, and I was sorta hoping we could skip Winter this year, dangit!! I got an email from my friend John over at HERE TV!, talking about the new television show, where they just finished wrapping it's innaugeral 6 episode season. It's called "The Lair" and is scheduled for a Spring 2007 premiere. Set in a small coastal town, The Lair opens as the bodies of young nameless men are turning up dead with vicious wounds to their necks. A young journalist is investigating a series of mysterious John Doe murders. Clues to these crimes lead him directly to a private gentlemen's club called The Lair, where the deepest, darkest desires are fulfilled. As he gets closer to solving the mystery, Thom finds himself ensnared in a blood thirsty coven of vampires. The Lair stars Peter Stickles, who gathered a following this year from his work in the acclaimed indie Shortbus, as Damian, the leader of the coven of gay vampires, as well as newcomer David Moretti, who takes the lead as Thom. With a strong, talented cast, HERETV! is pleased to add "The Lair" as another original scripted series to our growing slate of projects. Programming on the network, runs the gamut from sexy soap operas to thought-provoking documentaries, and The Lair is a welcome addition to that line up. The Lair is the latest project reflecting HERETV's commitment to bring fresh original programming to the LGBT community.

This week is kinda slammed for me boys and girls, I have a huge open house that I have organized for the studio to get our name out there, the mayor, a congressman, and some heavy officials who can use our services in the future are going to be there, so I need to get everything organized down to the last details. I also need to get ready for my roadtrip to Daveys, (please no more snow, please no more snow!!) Sorry if posts will be lite this week....take care..........GG

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jake Gyllenhal: Saturday Night Dreamgirl, Win One/Lose One on TV

Good Morning Blogger Friends and Readers. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was busy getting things done so I can go on my roadtrip next weekend to help save Daveys Basement. If you have not been to the gossip blogs this weekend, you may be one of the 4 people who havent seen Jake Gyllenhal's opening bit on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. I gotta say a couple of things; first, that was no mocking, that was pure comedy and a big shout out to his gay fans. It seems Jake is humble enough to know that he is starting to shoot thru the roof right now, BECAUSE of the support of our GLBT community. He is also fearless, to pull that skit off with no timidness or afraid to show his stuff, in drag, or whatever, is someone who is very comfortable with himself. And third, the notes werent always there, but more were on than off, and he was pushing it to the back of the building. If he can reasonably sing a tune that well as needed, I think we need to sign him up for "Brokeback The Musical"!! Hey, it could happen, lol.........

We Win One, and We Lose One! On TV last night, we lost one of the two gay candidates in DT's Apprentice. Somehow, Carey thought about 5 inches of pink paisley fabric was going to make a "fabulous" mens swim trunk. He was able to channel his inner porn version of Issac Miszrahi, or whatever the heck, and was happy as a little princess, but it helped his team lose the task. Back to the tents with them. And next week, all but one are back to the tents AGAIN, because DT gave the winning team a pass next week and the losers all have to compete individually against each other next week.

Last night on Brothers and Sisters, we won BIG time. Hottie Jason Lewis showed up as a closeted soap star who Kevin meets in the gym. It was pretty out there as his character really pursues Kevin hardcore, but then pulls the "girlfriend" card at just the right times to keep him guessing. Should be an interesting storyline, and hey, we got another same sex couple kiss, no big deal on a major network in primetime again, you gotta love that!! More later friends..........GG

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Inaugeration Balls (don't think so dirty), Road Trip To Daveys Basement On Film, In The News, TV Tonight

Hey Blogger Friends and Readers, I am sorry to be away, but I do not have remote blogging capability as of yet, and I have been off to the State Capitol the last couple of days!! It was a big election this year in Ohio, as well as the rest of the country. For the first time in 16 years, the Democrats have taken back the Major elective offices of the state; Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Treasurer have all swept the elections with the exception of State Auditor, but it's good to have the opposing party looking over the books while you are in office.

Any whoooo, I was invited very last minute to attend the innaugeral balls, (now doesnt that sound like something a gay congressmen could get impeached for, lol,) and had to make my way to Columbus, Ohio. It was a fantastic time, and I will post pictures when I get some. Here's the deal friends, the reason I dont bring my own camera to these events usually, is that I am VERY forgetful in my old age, lol, and end up leaving my camera, or other important things there, if they dont fit in my pocket. The pictures from PRIDE last year in Cleveland were no exception, I lost my camera once, but thank goodness friends were playing a trick on me, and had it.

However, I was able to talk my boss at the production studio, into coming with me next weekend to the "BREAK THE BOYCOTT" benefit for Davey's Basement, next week. He offered to bring a couple of camera's that HE will be responsible for, LOL, so I can have some fun interviews and pictures and even videos to post here and on the website. According to Terri, you my loyal and AWESOME reader friends have done most of the donating so far. You can still help out the cause and make a donation, or buy something off the Davey's Basement website, and help save the store. If you are able to get to Lansing, Michigan next Saturday, the 20th of January, come visit the Gay Guru, Live, In Person, and help out a great cause.

There's been some interesting things, IN THE typical WTF are you thinking in the Democrats, Gay Foe To Lead Centrist Democratic Wing; money, AND he wears a uniform, how hot is that?, Gay Cop Wins $450K in Bias Suit; now didnt the supreme court of Jersey say it "cannot discriminate based on homosexuality"?, Churches Exempt From NJ Civil Union Law AG Says; if it wasnt for the water, maybe we should illegally immigrate over there, 2nd Mexico State OKs Civil Unions; you gotta love those conservative's, i mean, really, you gotta, someone has to, they're idiots, Miami Mayor Under Fire For Pro Gay Comments; and finally, a gay waiter in NYC, really? who would have thought?, Gay Waiter Accuses Exclusive NYC Restaurant With Discrimination.

Tonight is my favorite television show, "Brothers and Sisters", at 10pm on ABC. If you STILL havent heard me gush enough about this show, and havent seen it yet, go check out the past episodes at You will be glad you did. If you are looking for a fun, easy drama with a positive gay character, this is the one. Tonight, our favorite gay Kevin meets his new love interest, the "closeted gay soap star" tonight. Oh, and did I mention, the soap star is played by the hot-as-hell Jason Lewis!! Should be some interesting TV. And of course, Rob Lowe has joined the cast as well, BONUS!! Dont ring my phone from 10-11pm blogger friends, LOL.

I have to admit the premiere of "You're The One That I Want", last week, where they are searching for the new leads for an upcoming Broadway produciton of "Grease", was not the most riveting casting calls. It was totally American Idol formulaic, but was just a little flat. Maybe when they actually get down to the final 12 and we start voting them out it will get more exciting, but I think I am back to crying with "Extreme Home Makeover" tonight instead.

Captured Cuties Later..........enjoy........GG

Thursday, January 11, 2007

21,500 More Troops, Dont Ask, Don't Tell, Wayne Besen on Mitt Romney

21,500! A war fought on false pretenses, a very bad man running the country, but false pretenses for going to war all the same. We have claimed victory, (landing on the air craft carrier,) or "turned the corner", (with the democratic government in place, we have turned a corner in Iraq,) more times than a grieving soldiers family should have to bare. Of course if we question our President's judgement, we are asked, "Do you want to lose this war?", when that very option may not be possible. I am no general or commander in chief, but dont you build up your forces when you go INTO a war, and not 4 years later? As Colin Powell has said, this really isn't a troop build up at all, a surge is accurate, because there are no troops to build up. This is taking those scheduled to go into Iraq on the next rotation, and putting them in earlier, and those scheduled to leave Iraq, will now stay longer, and not be allowed to come home. Well, maybe not in the conventional way, sigh! If you look at the stats, 21,500 is not really a build up, but more of a replacement. We have had over 3,000 killed, and 18,000 is probably close to the number wounded, lots permanently, since this all began. Do I want this to work? Of course!! But the track record is not so good, and I am afraid of the chances of more getting hurt. President Bush, you will take your last, best shot, and for the country's sake, I hope it works. But if it doesnt, Please don't embarrass us any longer with your pitiful stances on gay marriage, stem cell research, a woman's right to choose. You will have lost ALL credibility sir, and you have been hanging by a thread with what's left of your credibility for a long time. God Bless The USA, and bring our troops back safe!!

On a related note, the rumor mill has been swirling about the eventual repeal of "Dont Ask, Dont Tell." We had a lively discussion about this the other night, and here are some of the highlights....On the one side, friends are saying that this is a plot. That they are talking or repealing the law because of the lack of troops and they just want to put us gay's in harms way, as the army and marines shrink. They think that it will be put back in place after the war is over. My feelings are that we need to be united in this and not send out mixed messages. If we are asking for equal status, in marriage, or any other type of institution, we must be consistent and ask for equality in joining the armes services, adoption, foster care, and anywhere else we are being discriminated against. Whether it is politically or strategically motivated or not, repealling the "Dont Ask" law is necessary in order to quash discrimination. Our tough and talented and politcally active youth members of "SoulForce", have been getting themselves arrested for protesting outside of recruiting stations that wont take their applications, after they proudly let them know that they happen to be gay. Don't let their actions be for no reason. It is time to let those brave GLBT men and women who want to serve their country, be allowed, no matter what the state of the country is in, war or not. Equality does not mean just in the best of situations, it's in the trying times of war as well.

And finally, while I am in a political mood this morning, Here is an expose on a Presidential Wannabee, Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachussetts, the only state where gay marriage is legal, so you think he would be a little more tolerant.....WRONG!! This is a great piece by author, activist Wayne Besen as reported for later.....enjoy........GG

"In my mind, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is the most unacceptable presidential candidate in the 2008 race. He is a fair-weather phony that will say or do anything to get elected. In short, he is a poster-boy for everything wrong with politics and represents the reason many people stay home instead of heading to the polls on Election Day.

On the surface, Romney appears to be a strong candidate. He is articulate, looks presidential and was elected governor of a liberal state. He turned state deficits into surpluses and helped pass an innovative healthcare plan in Massachusetts.

Even with his impressive resume and stature, Romney has an uphill battle for the Oval Office because he is a Mormon. Polls show that nearly 4 out of 10 Americans would not vote for a person of this religious persuasion. In order to offset this baggage, Romney’s strategy is to sandbag gay people.

The legalization of equal marriage rights in Massachusetts has offered Romney a perfect platform to pretend he is a right wing ideologue. Last year, he courted noted fundamentalist leaders and reportedly met with Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell and Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Romney also embarked on a self-serving, stomach-turning tour of southern states, where the sitting governor showed remarkable disloyalty by unabashedly bashing Massachusetts. To warm up conservative audiences, Mitt used one-liners such as, "Being a conservative Republican in Massachusetts," he told a GOP audience in South Carolina, "is a bit like being a cattle rancher at a vegetarian convention."

But Romney’s gesture made him look like a jester whose comedic talents as the Bay State buffoon were only surpassed months later by Sen. John Kerry’s crack about our troops in Iraq on the dawn of a midterm election.

Of course, if the Mormon issue does not sink Romney, the moron issue likely will. The undeniable fact is that Mitt is full of it. Like the quintessential snake oil salesman, he changes his sales pitch depending on what audience he is addressing. He seems tragically unaware that satellites and the Internet have been invented and what he says in Red States can be viewed instantaneously in Blue States.

For example, while speaking to the rabidly conservative crowd in South Carolina, Romney flat-out lied about his own stance on gay marriage - erroneously claiming that he has opposed civil unions "from day one". According to an article in the Boston Herald, Mitt had for months backed a constitutional amendment, which would ban same-sex marriage while allowing Vermont-like civil unions.

Such duplicity on gay rights has become a hallmark of Romney’s. In Bay Windows, New England’s largest gay publication, Susan Ryan-Vollmar highlighted Mitt’s metamorphosis. The protean pol pandered for gay votes until he thought it was more advantageous to pound gay voters in his bid for the presidency.

In 1994, when he was running against Ted Kennedy in his bid for U.S. Senate, Romney wrote a flowery letter to the Massachusetts Log Cabin Club saying "we seek to establish full equality for American gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent."

In his successful governors race in 2002, Romney and his running mate, Kerry Healey, distributed pink fliers at a Gay Pride parade, proclaiming, "Mitt and Kerry wish you a great Pride weekend."

You have to hand it to Romney for Chutzpah. He thinks he can sound like Harvey Milk for a decade and then pivot in an election year and milk votes from the Falwell crowd. Sadly, his political calculations may be correct. This is why it is up to the GLBT community to derail Romney’s campaign. However, we have to be smart about it. Paradoxically, the more the gay community denounces Romney, the more viable he looks to voters in South Carolina.

I have a solution. An enterprising activist should start a web campaign, The site should list his campaign appearances across the nation so local activists can mobilize and show up at his events. However, instead of calling him a hypocrite, we should call him a hero.

I can’t think of anything that would sabotage his campaign more than gay activists thanking him at campaign rallies for his efforts to outflank Ted Kennedy on gay rights. The signs held by activists at these events should read “Gays Love Mitt” or ‘Thanks for your Support” and contain large rainbows or pink triangles.

The more love we show for Romney, the more the right will love to hate him. Ironically, Romney can bring Falwell and gay people together with both sides saying “Amen” to the concept that character matters for a would-be president."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Award Season, Captured Cuties

Award season has begun again blogger friends and readers. Queen Latifah and company were rocking it at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. tonight. I have to admit, I usually LOVE awards shows. Some can be pretty lame, but the chance to dress up for the night, have a blast hob nobbing with the rich and famous, (or I guess your friends and aquaintances if you ARE rich and famous). I used to go to the awards shows a lot when I lived in L.A. They use "seat fillers" so that the auditorium always looks full. My friend was a coordinator for the Comedy Awards and the Peoples Choice, but he got to send people to the Acadamy Awards and the Emmys. The thing is, that you are constantly moving around the theatre while stars go backstage to present an award, or after they win one. You usually end up sitting next to "so and so's" husband/wife/etc, or next to another star. The bonus of knowing the coordinator, is that he knew what stars were going to be last minute no-shows, and we would get to sit in the same place throughout the night. One night comedy award night, I got to sit at the "saturday night live table" when dana carvey couldnt be there last minute. Another night I sat next to Valerie Harper,(Rhoda), all night long. Both times were fantastic.

It gets me thinking though why we dont try to have our own awards show for gay filmaking. I mean, I guess we do with the "spirit" awards for independent movies, and film festivals, but wouldn't it be kinda kewl to have our own awards show. Could you imagine how hot a lot of the male stars would look, and how fabulous the drag boys would show up, LOL. Get's me cracking up just thinking about it.

It's quiet outside as we get another snowfall. This is only like our second one of the year that is sticking a bit. Enjoy the rest of your week friends. Captured Cuties today are from blogger friend Marco at One Third Basketi....Enjoy...GG

THANK YOU, I Love the GLBT Community and Our Supporters, In The News, New Job is Great

There have been a couple of times throughout these last 10 months of blogging, where I have asked myself what I was thinking of, is it really worth it? You all remind me again and again why I do though. Already some of you have donated some hard earned dollars to the "BREAK THE BOYCOTT" campaign, that I am supporting for Davey's Basement. In less than 2 weeks it will be a yes or now whether the store can remain open or move to fight the boycott. I know times are tough for everyone, and I appreciate anyone who has a couple of dollars or more to send to Terri Yale and her family. My thought process is this. If you lived close by, you would probably come to support the cause and listen to the music. It is $6 bucks to get in the door, and you would probably have a beer or two. Please take that $10 dollars you would have spent if you could and send it to the paypal addy on my website link. Then just stay home on Saturday the 20th, and imagine you are there supporting your GLBT community. Thanx again for those who have donated, and to those who will in the next 2 weeks. If you cant donate, because times are hard for everyone, I know, please at least spread the word about it in your blogs, or with friends or whatever. I am proud to write this blog, and I hope to never stop being amazed at the friends I have met on here, THANK YOU!!

Around the block there is more IN THE NEWS............ i thought the swiss were always so neutral, Swedish Court Rejects Lesbian Co-Parenting; and you wonder why we have to keep the memory of Mathew Sheppard alive, Federal Trial Begins In Gay Rape-Drug Murder Case; now this is an eye opener for all gay marriage proponents, NY Judge Voids Mass. Gay Marriage But Upholds $780K Post-Nup; at least when the armed service bungles it, they bungle big, Military: Gays Need Not Apply, Dead Welcome; and finally, is that a condom in your pocket, or you just ride the subway?, NY Wraps Itself In Latex.

First day on the new job went fantastic, thanx for all of the kind emails of support. I am slowly turning the office as gay friendly as possible, and if any of you have any audio/visual/multimedia needs for you GLBT business or project, please let me know. I did submit my first proposal yesterday that looks like it could get a $36,000 dollar production deal for an outdoor television show we would edit the completed footage of. I also sold a commercial production package to a computer office, so I am hitting the ground running.

I will be back with more later this evening blogger friends..........GG

Sunday, January 07, 2007

BREAK THE BOYCOTT, You Are The One That I Want, Captured Cuties

Hey Blogger Friends and Readers. Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Mine was spent mostly cleaning up loose ends to start my new job full time on Monday. So I told you all about my hero, Terri Yale and her family that have gone thru the crisis of a boycott, eggs being thrown and drastic reduction of business, ever since she decided to support the local high school Gay/Straight Alliance by donating a float for their homecoming parade. It's been a hard 3 months for the Yale family and the store, Davey's Basement, and decisions have to be made. If things continue as they are, Terri is sure she will have to close the store by the end of February. However, some local artists are not letting this happen quietly and are staging one big benefit to try to keep the business alive.

The band "Minor Planets", who has a transgendered member, has created a benefit with a few other bands to help "BREAK THE BOYCOTT", and give Terri and Davey's Basement at least some breathing room for the next few months. There will be bands, a silent auction of signed music posters, cd's, art, area businesses and much, much more. The benefit is being held at Mac's Bar in nearby Lansing, Michigan from 5-9pm, and all ages are welcome until 9pm in this one time special event. The goal is to raise enough money to pay the lease and utilities for the next 6 months, and maybe get enough money to move the business to the more friendly city of Lansing, with a little bigger space to give room for GLBT youth, along with any other disenfranchised kids to have a place to hang out and be safe from prejudice and harrasment. Maybe even put in a coffee bar in it. The Gay Guru is breaking exile in NE Ohio to drive up to the event to help out in any way I can. YOU can help out in one of 3 ways. Come join us for the benefit, you can check out the GG Webpage or Davey's Webpage for more information. Purchase some music, paraphenalia, or GLBT buttons, stickers or keychains from the Davey's Website. Or donate money, tax-free, to the "BREAK THE BOYCOTT" fund, by sending money thru paypal by using the links at the websites above. We have to stop discrimination where it lives in 2007, and a boycott for a family business that supports Gay Youth is just WRONG!! Please make the Gay Guru and your GLBT community proud and donate to this benefit and worthy family and business!!

Minor Planets

Television is interesting tonight. Sunday has always been easy for me. A good cry watching Extreme Home Makeover, a good laugh at the usually funny Desperate Housewives, and then a feel good hour with one of my favorite new shows with a bonus of having a strong male co-star as well, watching Brothers and Sisters. Usually there has been no competition, but then NBC comes along and messes everything up. Against Extreme Makeover tonight, they begin their reality series, "You Are The One That I Want," the search for the next leads of a Broadway production of "GREASE." How can a card carrying homo say no to bad tv, centering around a triend and true musical?? And Rosie hating, (or should I say blood sucking publicity leech on Rosie's hard working fat ass,) Donald Trump, has his next season of The Apprentice debuting tonight. Since you know my undying loyalty is to Rosie O'Donnell, you would think this would be an easy choice and to dump the donald and get back to the second half of housewives and brothers and sisters. Not so fast blogger friends, I actually liked The Apprentice, and this season they have not 1 but 2 gay males on their fighting for their chance to suck up, errrr, i mean, work for The Donald. Decisions, decisions, luckily, Housewives and Brothers/Sisters are rerun the next day on, so I think it will just be a quick flip flop to see Extreme Makeover on the commercials for Grease. Am I a dork or what, LOL.

Not much in the news this weekend that was too interesting so it's time to say goodbye til tomorrow. Captured Cuties today were found on good blogger buddies Leonard's, The Wonderful World of Leonard. This is a bud I want to hang out with on my next trip to California. Between him, SocalMuchacha, Wat and Mikey, should be good times...........Enjoy..........GG

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Morning Cartoon Blah's, PFLAG Protect Your Rights

Morning blogger friends and readers. Much to do this weekend. Need to go into the studio today and put together a print and web ad for the business that is running in 2 weeks, need to finish updating the website a bit, and need to take a little time to chill. Hope you all have something exciting or relaxing to do over the weekend, whatever is needed. Is it me, or have I just gone over the edge with my birthday happening last week and all? Don't Saturday morning cartoon shows SUCK!! I used to be so excited for the saturday morning shows, and while relaxing on the couch today, I decided to indulge in some nostalgia. That lasted about 5 minutes. A narcissistic emporor on Disney, some lame horses on another channel. What happened to the kewl stuff on Saturday mornings. Okay, I am old, I admit it, I wont scare you all with all the references I can conjure up, but even He-Man and Skeletor were better than some of the stuff I see now. And what happened to the live action shows? Remember ISIS and SHAZAM hour? Sigmund and the Seamonsters? Sigmund and Johnny and Scott were friends you know!! (scott, hahah). Anyway, maybe I am just too old, but I cant find a decent Saturday morning show, and I am just gonna go to sad is that!!

For my local NE Ohio friends, there is an important seminar being held in a couple of weeks. The local PFLAG chapter is hosting a seminar on how to legally and financially set up your estate as part of the GLBT community. With the passage 2 years ago of Issue 1 here in Ohio, that was one of the most far reaching, anti-gay marriage and civil union measures in the country, this is a very important seminar. I urge you all to go if you have the time. For my non-local readers, contact your local area PFLAG or Gay and Lesbian Community Service Center, and see if they can arrange something like this in your home town. Until we get full equal rights under the law as our straight counterparts, we MUST protect ourselves, our families, and our estates. THANX PFLAG.......

Friday, January 05, 2007

My New Job as Sales and Marketing Director, Captured Cuties

Evening blogger friends and readers. It became official today!! After reviewing all that I have been doing for my buddy Chip's business and the direction we have been able to take it in the 6 weeks of helping him out, I am now officially on the payroll. I am very happy and leaving my current job almost immediately. There is no ill-will, I am able to trade out of most of my shifts for my two-weeks notice, so I will be rehirable, and leave in good graces. I am now the Sales and Marketing Director for Accent Media, LLC, thank you very much. I actually took a small cut in pay to accept the job, but the trade-offs are definitely worth it. I now set my schedule, instead of working the horrid 130pm to 10pm shift I was stuck with in my old job. I now have weekends and evenings off, and not Thursday/Sundays. I now have a job that I fully enjoy and uses my talents, more than I was doing at the old one. I will probably end up putting in more hours at this new place, because I like it so much, and that's the way we are really going to succeed and both make more money. As Sales and Marketing Director, the more succesful I make the company and Chip the owner, the more succesful I will be as well. I am basically the second in charge of the entire company and involved in all facets, personnel, accounting, the whole nine yards. This will allow Chip to assume more of a Creative Director role, and make sure that all of the work we do for our clients is of the best quality we can make it, building our brand and our reputation. I will blog more about it soon, and be looking to all of you blogger friends and readers for clients. It's the digital age out there boys and girls and we are ready to move.

Enjoy your weekend all, and enjoy a couple Captured Cuties from the always hot lover of boys, over at, Addicted to Boy Beauty. Talk soon........GG

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