Monday, July 31, 2006

MEME Monday, Last Day of Blogger Quest, Website Update, Mythology MEME, Eye Candy

We're off on the exciting adventures of another week blogger friends. Today is MEME Monday, and the last day to get your official entry into the Gay Guru "Blogger Quest" contest. I have had a few last minute entries today, and sent them back their corrections, we will see what happens when I wrap it all up tonight and see if we have a clear winner, or need the tie breaker. Thank you SO MUCH for all of you who took the time to enter. I hope you had as much fun playing the game, as I had writing out those silly and stupid little rhymes. Even more so, I hope you got to visit some kewl new blogs you may not have seen before and maybe added one or two to them to your daily reading list. Answers to Blogger Quest will be made available tomorrow, along with the winner, or the tie breaking announcement.........Good Luck Everyone!!

My last bit of whining for a while, I swear, well, I promise pretty much, lol. Because of my crazy schedule, the website update scheduled for tomorrow, will not be up until later tomorrow evening, and it will not be a complete update. Of course, thanx to the undying support and friendship of Mikey and Bruce, there will be an HIV Awareness page update, and a Music/Television/DVD Review up for sure, along with the answers to Blogger Quest, and the "Ask The Guru" page, but I am not sure what other pages will be updated, the rest may have to wait until August 16th. Along those lines, I would really be happy if I could find any of you blogger friends out there who would like to write updates for the Gay Guru Website. Topics I currently write each update, which I am more than happy to let someone else handle, are "Leaning Left" political page, "Health and Fitness" page, "Food and Drink" page, "Grooming and Fashion" page, "Fun and Laughs" page, and any other type of page you would like to write for the Gay Guru. I would really like to see a "Lesbian Interest" page, and a page from the "Str8 Perspective on Gay Issues". I will keep updating the "Ask The Guru" page myself for now. If you would like to help write for the Gay Guru website, please email me HERE, at your earliest convenience and I will give you a few more details on how it all works. Thanx again for your support!!

Todays fun MEME is about Mythology. I used to love Mythology when I was in school, kinda my precurser to being a comic book and super-hero geek I guess, lol. Stories about the Gods, and the Titans, and Hercules, (Kevin Sorbo was hot, but that kid who plays Young Hercules, OH MY!!). So I thought this MEME would be fun...........until I ended up finding out I am a MERMAID!! Oh well, if the gills fit eh?? At least maybe I can make out with Aquaman or something, lol. So what Mythological Creature are you??

You Are a Mermaid

You are a total daydreamer, and people tend to think you're flakier than you actually are.

While your head is often in the clouds, you'll always come back to earth to help someone in need.

Beyond being a caring person, you are also very intelligent and rational.

You understand the connections of the universe better than almost anyone else.

Finally, for todays Eye we go...and thanks again for giving me the next couple of weeks to get back on track with my hectic life, I WILL post daily, but I have to put the website on slo-motion for just a bit....GG

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Running Ragged and a Late Post, Last 24 Hours of Blogger Quest, Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, late Sunday post today, We all knew it was coming, and it has officially happened. No, another famous boy-bander has not come out of the closet, but yes, I am running myself ragged with too much on my plate. I am starting to mentally bog down from all the responsibilities I have going on with blogging, internet website building, training for work, and personal space. I can tell I have let you all down a bit because even though readership is going up a little each day, comments are getting down close to nothing. I could be wrong, but that says to me that I am just not staying interesting for you guys and gals, and for that I am sorry. I am going to take some time to breathe, and make sure I get my priorities in order and get tasks done that need to be taken care of for me and for you my blogger friends. You all should be one of my top priorities, and I feel I have been letting you all down a little bit. I appreciate you sticking by the Guru and keeping readership up, but I really want to hear from all my peeps out there and make sure all is well in the blogosphere. OF COURSE I WILL BE WRITING TO YOU ALL HERE EVERYDAY STILL!!! But I am going to be spending the next couple of weeks to get myself organized and deliver the content that a good Gay Guru should be giving out, Advice, Information, Commentary, and some Humor, with a little of the stuff going on in my life just for fun. So tough it out for me the next couple weeks and I will truly appreciate you even more than I already do. It may not be the most exciting stuff you have read, but hopefully Daily Eye Candy will make the stop worth it till I get back on track. YOU can all help out, by dropping a little note and tell me what you really like about the Gay Guru blog, and what you want to see more of. I am still going to launch the Gay Guru After Dark, but thats going to be a fun addendum to this blog, and not detract from it. Just a little something for the raunchy and pervy in all of us, and to tell about my oh so many stories here in the "Gay Ghetto". that I cant share on this blog.

We are down to the end of the "Blogger Quest" contest. Only about 24 hours left to go to get your entries in, and unless things change, we may have a solitary winner. I am hoping to get flooded with entries the next 24 hours and will see if we can make this a really exciting finish. Tuesday I will be letting you all know the answers to the challenge, and emailing the winner if one or the winners, if it's going to be a tie breaker. Wednesday, I will be announcing all of those that entered and how many you got right and either announcing the winner, or drawing the winner out of a hat, on video. Good news is I already have some blogger friends who have donated some prizes for the next contest. Any ideas on what kind of contest you want that to be? Another blogger quest? I want it to be something interactive with you all. Send any ideas to me at the email link above, I sure appreciate the ideas and may use yours for the next Gay Guru contest.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I am still in training until 3pm the next 4 weeks, so weekday blogposts will be around this time, 4-6pm. And here's our Daily Eye Candy.....Enjoy the upcoming week............GG

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hiding From The Heat, Blogger Quest Final Weekend, Daily Eye Candy

Saturday is here, blogger friends, and it's still hot here in the NE Ohio area. It's going to be 90-100 degrees this weekend thru next Wednesday, so the Gay Guru is going into hiding since I have no air conditioning. I Will spend time at Mama/Papa Guru's air conditioned home for some website updating and preparing the groundwork to launch The Gay Guru After Dark. I will be checking out the dollar theater for a little re-watching of Mission ImpossibleIII and X-MenIII. And I will be hitting the malls, sans money, lol, to do some power window shopping in the air conditioning. Hope you are all having a great weekend with food, family and friends....

There is now 2 days left to get in your answers in for "Blogger Quest". I have quite a few entries, but there is still room for lots more, and NO ONE has gotten every answer correct and and the bonus questions, so good luck to you all. I know it's not the biggest prize in the world, like a new convertible Mustang or anything, (shameless plug, you always hear celebrities say a product on their show and get free ones, lol, so how about a free Mustang you cheap Ford people, LMAO), but who couldnt use a little $50 dollar shopping spree at Anyway, I will be giving a clue today, tomorrow and Monday morning, but remember, Monday, 6pm Eastern Time is the deadline for entering. Here is todays clue: Seems question 8 is stumping a lot of people. Blogs can be "valued" and traded at a fun site called "Blogshares", like a fun stock market game for bloggers. Those that participate usually have a link on their site somewhere. The Gay Guru's valuation is now currently a little over $5200 dollars, whooeeee, lol. The blog in question is one of the last 5 blogs mentioned in my favorites blogroll, and a key to his blogs name is in the clue...good luck. I am going to list all of the questions again, just so you dont have to run back to the website if you dont feel like you go........

"Blogger Quest"

Rules of Play:

1) You may only enter the contest once.
Email your answers to the Blog Quest
questions, to the Gay Guru HERE, by Monday,
July 31st, 6pm Eastern Time.

2) The contestant with the most correct
answers will be the winner.

3) In Case of a tie, all of the contestants with
the most correct answers will be dropped into
a hat and one name will be pulled out as the
sole winner of the contest.

4) Correct answers are at the sole discretion
of the Gay Guru, and if a partial answer is
incorrect, it may count against you.

5) All answers will be found in the Gay
Guru's Blog, or under the "Favorite Blogs" or
"Links" section, on the right column of my
blog. (I am sorry adult blogs, but I want
everyone to be able to enter the contest, so I
will not be using any of your blogs in answers)

5) Winner will be announced on the daily
blog and the Gay Guru website update, on
August 1st...........Good Luck....GG

Sample Question: Rosie's are red and violets are blue, coming September you'll hear her point of View. On Valentine's Day, one of the kid's saw a curious sight, but in the end, thought it was alright. What am I talking about?

Answer: If you know that Rosie O'Donnell is starting on The View in September, you would check out her blog link, and you know that Valentines Day is on February 14th, so you would check out that date in her archives, you would read that, as she was putting her son Blake to bed, he asked why she was wearing makeup, she said it was cause she was on TV that day, but he liked it and thought it was up to her.....Answer: Makeup

Question 1: On your mark, get set, it's time to go, on this blogger quest, so other blogs you will know. You begin your quest on a continent far far away, where there's shrimp on the barbie, and they all say G'day! It's actually a little more South and more East, go check out the blog of this sexy beast. The answer you seek fly's on gossamer wings, it's up in a title, these cute little things.

Question 2: So you think that you've got it, you know how to play? Then I'm about to send you another way. Go see my friend over Los Angeles way, he lives an existential lifestyle, or so some may say. He links to a place with song info galore, if you make it this far, there is just one step more. On 4/25 the spotlight shone bright, on this fun new artist, who's name makes your answer right.

Question 3: Well you're on a roll, but there's lots left to do, I have a friend who sends me shampoo. I am peppering you with questions, but for this find the salt, Mama Guru loved this stuff, and so did Uncle Walt. Well now that you've found it, here's what I want to know, just how long must this solar crop grow?

Question 4: I love's me some star gazing, and this next blog might be found, as a celestial body that is usually big and quite round. Not that he's big or he's round, he's quite cute, though I wouldn't mind seeing him, in his birthday suit. Back on the 14th, just over a year, there is candy to be found, that had me grinning ear to ear. The answer to this question really quite rocks, what is the name on that funny candy's box?

Question 5: What a punk, what a scoundrel, think of a spoiled child who's all that, Why some would even call that scoundrel a ______. But this boy I am thinking of is really none of those things, he is mannered and friendly and good looks he does bring. He has a page where associates all are laid out, number 274, what is that all about? Now here comes some math, I know, dont complain, but for every ray of sunshine, falls a drop of rain. I want you to take 54 add 31 and times 2, and give me the name of the blog that number corresponds with for you.

Question 6: Is all this rhyming stuff driving you up a tree, well now you all know what it's like hanging with me. Off we go on another quest, dont stop now, no time to rest. At the theatre you might yell this to bring out an encore, but for here it's just another silly ol' door. Andrew's the best, he programs great shows, what happened with the designers, only Andrew knows. At the premier party, number 3, there was a big hit given away, yes it was free. What was this item, dont end in a rut, what man gave them out, think "Queer as Folk" "Honeycutt" (there are two answers to this one I am looking for)

Question 7: With working and blogging, honey boys and girls too, I don't know how he manages all the things he seems to do. He makes a good point, there's never one side, but two. Now listen up to what I need you to do. There's lots of things to like about being gay, 100 or more, but for this little question, my favorite's number seventy-four. Name it.

Question 8: For the answer to this, keep your hands off his stuff, wow that was too easy, I need to make these more tough. On June 12th, around 8 his value took quite a jump, I think I would kill to have such a bump. His value you say, what the heck do you mean? It's his value I want, take a look at that screen. The value of his blog on that date and that time, you must get it right, or it's not worth all the rhyme.

Question 9: Was the last one too difficult, I need to make them harder, I dont want just any ol' philly winning this 'pardner. So now off we go on a political quest, I will start to separate, who is good from who's best. Some of us are in the closet and Tricia's got her's too, but to win with this contest, here is what you must do. There's a song there that's posted, by a band that is great, If your lighter is out, use them to not wait. In the video the lead singer bumps into a guy who's shirt is red, he's also wearing glasses, but I want to know what is Exactly on his head.

Question 10: For question 10 there are two answers to be found, but I will give you a bonus if you want to stick around. This place is mine, and mine alone, a fun little space with a quite friendly tone. I've actually had more than 1100 friends visit me there, it's where the Guru got noticed and made people aware. So here's question one, it needs to be said. How many bites, till my 'lil pet has been fed? The answer to two is not far from the Games, but I have a friend a little south in St. J, and I want to know his name. For a bonus point to put you ahead of the rest, take a second to breath as you complete your quest. On the Map that is there are you on it yet? If not add yourself now, it's always a good bet. A bonus point will be given if you are not there, and then add, but to my friends already on there, dont be so sad. You have a shot, at a bonus point too, what is my sign in the zodiac zoo?

Question 11: Five questions left, you are doing quite well, so pat yourself on the back and give a big yell. Now please dont groan but it's time for math once again, you need to do it to move, on to the end. What is 16/9ths minus 13/9ths to the lowest it goes, to get this right, you need to be on your toes. My friend has a good eye, for candy and shapes, in fact he is studying buildings to make. A recent post gives a birds eye view, so here I pose a question to you. At the third letter of the American alphabet you will find, a place named for great man, who had a great "peace" of mind. What is the name of this place which i speak. Get this one wrong, I will consider you weak.

Question 12: We continue on, with this little quest, from the Gay Guru's home, we are moving Southwest. Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, he's republican bent, but we're friends all the same. His vow is to change us, one at a time, but I'll give him his views, if he'll give me mine. He actually blogrolls with 2 friends from Cleveland, though I missed them at pride, for their audio stimulation, I wont leave them. (damn these rhymes) Get the answer to my question and you'll surely be in, what award are they trying for, I hope that they win!!

Question 13: Though Letterman's funny, my boy Jay is the man, took over for Johnny, and I'm a big fan. While watching him once, he did a bit with a Paige, well an Intern really, but the move was sage. This guy got great ratings, with sarcastic fun wit, it was a star in the making, this was really it. He kept having him back, a really smart plan, with fan's of his own, he's become his own man. He hands out some tests, well, it's really a pop quiz, but to answer this one, you need to know who it is. This is one celebrity, who's really on the ball, and their favorite movie is "Annie Hall". Who is it?

Question 14: Almost to the end, the next to last step, keep up your energy, don't lose your pep. For those that don't know it, Boz is the best, so get to his link and you've passed part of the test. The recipe to winning is in your grasp, check out his blog and check it out fast. I'm looking for recipe's made from a wonderful treat, I can't believe it has a cookbook, that's pretty neat. This treat was a
favorite when I was in my "teens", and they'll be around forever if you know what I mean. If you name the cookbook, all is well, but if you find the answer...shhhhh, don't you tell.

Question 15: This is it, there are no questions more, you've done a great job, hope it wasn't a bore. The last thing you seek, I need to make a bit hard, but this place has gifts, and clothes and cards. It's a little obscure but there's a hint in two places, right before you get started, and somewhere on the blog down three spaces. If I was too charitable, I would give you a clue, but for now, this is all I will do. The answer I seek is really quite tough, but I want to know the price of an "art buff". So there we are we have come to the end, good luck to you all, fill out your emails and SEND

Well, its time to get out of the rising heat in the apartment, and head to the air conditioning after a nice workout at the gym. Take care blogger friends....GG

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fabulous Friday, Off to Pittsburgh, Eye Candy, More Later

Hey Blogger Friends, it's Fabulous Friday again. I have to scoot to Pittsburgh straight from work this afternoon, so I only have this 10 minute break here at home to change and get out the door. I will post more tomorrow, along with your hint for "Blogger Quest", there's only 3 more days left in the contest. I may post later tonight depending on when and if I get home...Have a great weekend blogger friends....and of course, a little Eye Candy at least for you..GG


Okay Blogger Friends, I am back from Pittsburgh, and just about too full to type. We went to one of my fave restaurants there, Johnny Carino's. Great food all the way around, we had appetizers starting with Italian Nachos layered with sausage and/or chicken, pepperoncini peppers, black olives, diced roma tomatoes & jalapeƱos, topped with mozzarella, parmesan cheeses & alfredo sauce. Then they serve individual fresh baked baguettes with olive oil and seasonings for dipping. Then our salads, and the dressing, Sun-Dried Tomato Balsamic Vinagrette, was to die for. My friend had the combo platter with lasagna, spaghetti and chicken parmigiana. I opted for the Chicken Penne Gorgonzola, OMG, sheer heaven. We both stopped at the half way portion of our meals, (they are very large), and asked for boxes and the dessert menu. Now your friendly neighborhood Gay Guru has been doing well with his diet and workouts, but tonight I HAD to cheat. I had a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and toffee pieces, heated up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. OMG, so good, but am so full. We wandered around Ikea and PetSmart afterwards just to try to walk off some of it, and IKEA turned into like a 2 hour ordeal. I hate their furniture construction, but love the way they put together their rooms, it always gives me such great decorating ideas, that I want to run home and tear the place apart and redecorate immediately. It's gonna take an extra long workout tomorrow, but tonight was definitely worth every bite with great food, great company, and great shopping afterward, what more can a Gay Guru want??

And on we go to put our FAB in Fabulous Friday.....Owning a submersible is one of the coolest trend that has occupied the super-rich now-a-days! I have told you about some fabulous submersible options in the past too, and here comes another cool addition onto the list with the C-Quester submersibles from Netherlands based U-Boat Worx. The C-Quester submersibles are available both for private and commercial users and is available in two forms, the single occupant CQ1 and the two-man CQ2. The C-Quester can dive in all waters, regardless of depth and it can dive to a maximum depth of 150 ft. The C-Quester can remain submerged on a full charge for 2.5 hours and it takes 12 hours to recharge.

Next up in Fabulousness, is the Power Plate Vibrating Exercise Machine – The New Gym Favorite. Power PlateWant claims to know the secret behind Madonna’s perfectly toned physique!! Forget the traditional workouts, the way to acquire the “perfect 10” is this Power Plate Vibrating Exercise Machine that is the latest fad all-over in England. The new workout machine features a vibrating platform you stand on and do light stretches and squats for 15 minutes, three times a week. The vibrations caused by the machine stimulate the muscles and causes them to tire faster than a traditional workout. RealTechNews reports that, “Madonna claims causes her physique to remain toned.” The PowerPlate company claims that, “With power plate greater results are achieved and hormonal production is increased in much less time compared with traditional training methods.” The gym version of the latest in the gym technology is available for $9,250 and the personal version for $3,500. Maybe this will help me work off that italian chocolate cake that is sitting in my stomach and growling at

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Papa Guru on the Mend, Lance Bass (again, sorry), Come Be Friends With "The Gay Guru After Dark"

*****Update Update Update*****

I just wanted to let my blogger friends know, that in my blog perusing today, I came across a new blogger to me, who has been around quite a while, and happens to be a close friend of Lance Bass. He made an eloquent and excellent post today about that friendship, and reaction to all of the hoopla. That's what true friendship is all about blogger friends, sticking by friends in public and private, fighting each others battles for acceptance in whatever field we wish to pursue. I will now respect a media silence for Lance, (unless he ever wants to do a little Gay Guru 20 questions email interview, lol.) Rest in peace this weekend Lance, enjoy becoming a whole person to yourself, and take in the experience to live one less lie in our lives, as you are a truer person to yourself, and have a truly loving weekend, free from guilt or shame with your partner. Please go and check out Planetbaub, I know I will be for now on.....GG

Hey Blogger Friends!! My computer is down, so I am not sure when this post is going up. I am trying to write the post in notepad and cut and paste it into blogger when my connection is back up, or later today when I go visit Papa Guru. Update on Papa Guru is pretty good. He has had his voice back completely since he got home, and he is looking better and moving around more and more all the time. Unfortunately, there is still not much movement coming back to his left hand. The doctors have not given up hope yet, but until it gets better, and if it doesnt get better, he cant drive. It's not that bad, he is not really big on driving around just for the heck of it, usually just to the grocery, and some errands for pills, bills, and stuff like that there. Mama Guru, doesnt mind driving at all, but I am getting close to making them stay off the highway at night, lol. They are only in their upper 60's, but mom has that "mom hand", that reaches out and smacks you in the chest if you are in the passenger seat, and she has to put on the brakes faster than she thought. I have been on the recieving hand of that hand at night, where she is more cautious, and have the bruises on my chest to prove it, LOL. With this pic, did he really think it was a secret, LOL, luv ya Lance...

Lance fever is spreading like wildfire. On his MySpace page, (I know how gay, huh??...LMAO.), he has had so many comments wishing him well, it shut down the system, and even he cant look at them all. It was on Inside Access, Outside Edition, Entertainment Tomorrow, and every major entertainment show there is last night. I think until he gets his new tv show off the ground, the press will die down relatively quickly. They only jumped on the story after months of the gossip blogs posting about him. Maybe even the blogs will give him a break since it's now old news. I think Lance will come out of this fine, and it's great exposure to middle america and the young adults, visibility is the key to acceptance I believe. I hope many more big-name folks come out, so that eventually it will be a non issue. Also, I want to write about him a bit more so I can post another picture of him, (I know, knock it off, but he is sooooo dreamy.......=)

Though it hasnt officially launched yet, I invite you to come on over "The Gay Guru After Dark's", new MySpace page, and add yourself as a friend. I will be working on building the site up a bit more this weekend and launching it on August 1st. The blog is still way too early, I have a shell that I copied the format from here, and I need to tweak it a bit this weekend as well. A busy Guru is a happy Guru they say, or is that a busy Guru is going to go catatonic if he doesnt organize his priorities better? I always get those confused. Just a small little post today with a little Eye Candy for the cherry on top, tomorrow is Fabulous Friday, and the start of my weekend to get a lot of stuff done.....Enjoy blogger Friends....GG

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lance Bass Announce's He's Part of the "Family", Washington State Marriage Ruling, Blogger Quest, Expanded Eye Candy

Happy "HUMP"day Wednesday blogger friends, we are half way thru another work week. I have to lead with the gay story of the day, Lance Bass of N'SYNC is coming out as gay in this week's "People Magazine". It has been speculated about for months, and I have even blogged about him twice, and he is taking the big step in the issue that is supposed to be on the shelves Friday. I want to take a second and commend him for coming out, and in such a mainstream magazine as People. I hope you will all go and read the issue for yourself, though it has been excerpted all over the blogosphere today, as well. He makes some great comments including: "I am not ashamed of being gay", "I have known my whole life I was gay", "I came out due to all of the rumors circulating that were starting to take over his and his close friends lives". He also confirmed the fact that he is in a relationship with "Amazing Race" winner, Reiken Lehmuhl. I wish them both well, and some normalcy once this soon becomes "old news". A lot of people may take issue with Lance for not coming out sooner, but no one else should ever dictate the "right time" to come out of the closet for anyone. As he stated in the article, and I agree 100%, he was in a super popular boy band, with not just his life, but his bandmates, who were like brothers to him, affected by any decisions he made about his personal life. I think he will have some regrets about not coming out sooner, once he see's how much better his life is going to be from now on out. Living a lie, or even if you are not lying to yourself, but living with the responsibility of not coming out for any reason, is a heavy load to bear, and I am sure hindsight is 20-20 on this for most gays, it was for me. Granted, there are some horror stories for some people about coming out, but for the most part, in today's day and age, it is far less, such a radical thing. So welcome to the "family" Lance, we are eager to embrace you with open arms. I hope you are given some time to yourself after the media hype dies down, to just enjoy being an out gay man in California, blessed with money, looks, a good man, and great friends and family. I am sure I can never measure up to the mainstream, big time gay press, but if you ever want to just have an informal interview and talk about your new life, just drop your friendly neighborhood Gay Guru an email.

Unfortunately, in more bad news for gay rights, Washington State Gay Marriage Ban Upheld: The state of Washington's ban on same-sex marriage is not unconstitutional the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. In a 5 - 4 split decision the justices ruled that only opposite-sex couples are biologically capable of having children and the legislature acted reasonably and in the best interests of children. The court did, however, say that the legislature could repeal DOMA and pass legislation allowing same-sex marriage. "We see no reason, however, why the legislature or the people acting through the initiative process would be foreclosed from extending the right to marry to gay and lesbian couples in Washington," the ruling, signed by Chief Justice Gerry Alexander, said. "It is important to note that the court's role is limited to determining the constitutionality of DOMA and that our decision is not based on an independent determination of what we believe the law should be."

But in a more positive spin on it....due to the court's saying that the legislature could permit gay marriage...Washington Lawmaker To Bring In Gay Marriage Bill: Rep. Ed Murray (D-Seattle), the state's only openly gay member of the legislature, said he would take that suggestion seriously. "My heart goes out to the thousands of gay and lesbian couples in Washington state disappointed by today's ruling," told a news conference where he was joined by his partner Michael Shiosaki, and Reps. Joe McDermott, Jim Moeller, and Dave Upthegrove. "But now is not the time to be disappointed - it's a time to recommit ourselves to the struggle ahead and to someday pass marriage equality in the state Legislature. I will introduce legislation to achieve that equality." Earlier this year Murray led the fight to pass civil rights protections this year. Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire has not commented on Murray's announcement but he said he believes she would sign it.

There's only 6 more days to get your entries in for the $50 dollar shopping spree, by winning "Blogger Quest". I can tell you that I have a good number of entries, and so far no-one has all the answers and the bonus points right. If there is no clear winner, the entries who all have the most correct answers will go into a drawing to win the prize. I will be offering two more hints, one Friday, and One Sunday, so if you have any question really stumping you, email me at the link and I will take the most requested questions and give some hints. Good luck to you all blogger friends.

And as I do every "HUMP"day Wednesday, and expanded edition of Daily Eye Candy, to help get you thru until the rest of the week. I like to remind you all on wednesdays, that all eye candy at the Gay Guru blog and website is what I find attractive in some way to me, and me alone. It does not constitute or imply someone's sexuality, and I hold no copyright to any of these pictures, they are just random hotties I have found exploring my friends sites and the Internet. If anyone holds the legal copyright to any picture and wants it removed, please email me at the link in the above right column, with proof of copyright ownership, and I will remove the picture immediately........Enjoy Blogger Friends.........GG

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Horrible Haircut, The Gay Guru After Dark, International AIDS Conference Brings Out The Stars, Ohio Governor Candidate Slurs Gays, Eye Candy

****finally got pics up for you....sorry about the wait, blogger messed up****


What's happening blogger friends, in the world of cyberland today? "IIIIIIIIIIIIIII am forbidden to produce................Milk" Sorry about that, whenever I say, hear or see the word cyberland, I cant help but think of RENT, and Maureens big show at the lot. Those fellow RENTheads out there will get it at least, lol. So I got my haircut today after work, and it made me a bit behind today, and somehow end up looking like a dweeb at the same time. I hate my hair, mostly 'cause I never know what to do with it, and I am limited by it's obsession with being curly and thick. My favorite way to wear my hair is with it clipper cut very short around the sides and back of the head, with the top left long enough to curl good and fall over all around. I ask for that each time I get my hair cut, and I actually get that cut about 60% of the time. I dont have a regular person that cuts my hair since my fave hair girl moved her shop about 2 hours North last year, so I am trying new places out and as I said, having about 60% success, but not continuing, one time it will be great, the next time it sucks, and I am off to find another salon. Oh well, enough folicle grumbling, what else?

Okay, I didnt get much comments on my post about the more risque "After Dark" Gay Guru, but I did get quite a few emails, and most were supportive of it. I have reserved a blog and a MySpace for it, they are not really set up yet, but you can go take a look and I will tinker and try to start it out this weekend. Any blogger friends who would like to link the new site, I appreciate it, but please list it as an 18 and over adult blog with "mature content", lol. I will be sending all my linking blogger friends a note letter in the week with more info if they would like to add the other site as well.

In the news, Stars On Bill For AIDS Conference: Once a stage for big-name scientists to showcase their latest research, the International AIDS Conference is also attracting another kind of star power - actors, singers, politicians and business magnates who lend their status to raise awareness and funds for global causes. The 2006 installment of the biennial AIDS conference - to be held in Toronto next month - will kick off with an opening ceremony and concert featuring a who's who from the world of entertainment and HIV/AIDS activism. The star-studded Aug. 13 concert lineup includes Alicia Keys, the Barenaked Ladies, the Blue Man Group, Our Lady Peace, Amanda Marshall and Chantal Kreviazuk. Opening ceremonies will include remarks by actor Richard Gere, Canadian Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean and UNAIDS executive director Peter Piot, followed by the concert. The event will conclude with a keynote address by Bill and Melinda Gates, whose charitable foundation supports a variety of HIV/AIDS programs, followed by a performance by Canadian opera star Measha Brueggergosman and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Invited guests also include actors Sandra Oh and Olympia Dukakis, who will be showcasing their film Three Needles, which features differing perspectives on the AIDS pandemic. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, a UNAIDS special representative, are also slated to attend the conference.

Of course, here in my own backwards state of Ohio, GOP Candidate Compares Gays To Arsonists, Kleptomaniacs: Ohio's largest LGBT civil rights organization is demanding an apology from GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell after he compared gays to criminals in a newspaper interview. Asked by the Columbus Dispatch if homosexuality is a sin and if it can be cured Blackwell said: "I think homosexuality is a lifestyle, it's a choice, and that lifestyle can be changed. I think it's a transgression against God's law, God's will. The reality is again ... that we make choices all the time. And, I think you make good choices and bad choices in terms of lifestyle. Our expectation is that one's genetic makeup might make one more inclined to be an arsonist, or may make one more inclined to be a kleptomaniac. Do I think that can be changed? Yes." Not surprisingly Blackwell, who currently is Ohio's Secretary of State, also opposes same-sex marriage. But while his Democratic opponent, Ted Strickland also opposes gay marriage, Strickland told the paper that he differs with Blackwell on 'nurture vs nature'. Aides to Blackwell did not immediately return calls for comment. A recent poll shows that Blackwell trails Strickland by more than 20 points. (Thank God!!)

And since I am running late, I will go str8 to daily Eye Candy....Hope you are having a great week, drop me a comment and tell me how life in blogger land is....GG

Monday, July 24, 2006

MEME Mondays, Are Capricorns All Gay??, Gay Games Come to an End, Daily Eye Candy

Good Monday Afternoon Blogger Friends!! I hope you all starting the week off with a nice slow stretch to get you thru till Friday. I can't believe how lazy my weekend was, and I want to thank you all for putting up with such boring posts, lol. Sometimes I look back at what I write, and just realize what a goober I really am. Oh well, you love me or you dont, what more can a Gay Guru do? So I get back up at 5:45 this morning for week for of my 7 week training for my new position in my company, and what wonderful news comes to us in class? They are adding an extra week!! OMG, I have now cornered the market on early morning caffeinne, and gone thru two boxes of toothpicks to keep my eyes open in the morning the last 3 weeks, and now I have 5 more weeks instead of 4? You are gonna see one grumpy Guru by the time I get my big ass trained and not have to wake up anymore.

To go along with MEME Monday, I thought I would talk for a second about the zodiac. Do you all follow your charts, and horrorscope, and stuff like that there? I add the new horoscope to the website on each update, but I am just never sure if anyone ever reads those things or not. Me, not a big reader of them, but my local morning drive radio station I found out during these god-awful early mornings of training, actually gives out the daily horoscopes every morning at 6:35, and rates your day from 1 to 5 stars, (5 star day for me today baby, go Cap's.) The reason I bring up the zodiac and horrorscopes is pretty random, but is it just me or are there a heckuva lot of gay Capricorns? Is it something around our stars putting the rainbow mojo on us? It seems like most random profiles I seem to read, on MySpace,, or wherever, I see goat's a plenty. Is it because I am just tuned into my particular sign? Do you all see your zodiac sign on most profiles you look at, or are you seeing all Cap's like me as well? Most things I read about Capricorn's seem to be pretty true about myself, I guess. I think I am pretty in tune with my chinese zodiac sign as well, (the hare/rabbit, a lucky sign, and I am pretty lucky, mostly bad luck, but when good luck comes my way, it's usually just when I need it.) Anyway, as I said, I thought I was pretty Capricorn, but then I took the following test....60%...WTF? Anyone want to share 40% of your sign with me, I seem to be lacking. I am curious, how many of my readers are Capricorns? Am I really seeing Cap's all around me, like lil' kids see dead people, or is it a figment of my imagination? Go ahead and see how Capricorn you are in today's fun MEME.

You are 60% Capricorn

And For All You Other Signs Out There:

How Aquarias are you?

How Virgo are you?

How Cancer are you?

How Libra are you?

How Sagitarius are you?

How Gemini are you?

How Pisces are you?

How Leo are you?

How Aries are you?

How Taurus are you?

How Scorpio are you?

The Gay Games came to a close this past weekend, with cheers, and tears, and overall was a fantastic time for everyone there, says a friend of mine that got to go. Despite near record breaking heat, the games were relatively free of injury, or accident, or even drama for that matter. Montreal, who broke off and is sponsoring their own style gay olympics, Out Games, that are starting later in the week, after getting in a fight with the FGG who is the organizing body of the Games, thought that Chicago could never pull it off. In fact, Chicago raised more corporate sponsorships and money, than any previous Games, and will probably be the first time the organization has finished in the black. On stage, gay icon Cyndi Lauper headlined the closing show, along with Ari Gold, ANT, and singing duo Jason & deMarco. Lauper was dressed as a rainbow Statue of Liberty and performed some of her most memorable disco hits. "Stand proud! Stand together," she told the crowd launching into a medley that included "True Colors" and "Shine". In the stands, fans tossed around hundreds of rainbow-colored beach balls handed out as a promotion by the Illinois Lottery. The Federation of Gay Games Flag was slowly lowered and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley escorted it for the ceremonial transfer to an official from Cologne, Germany, the host city of the 2010 Gay Games.

And here is some Daily Eye Candy for y'all, enjoy everyone, ONE WEEK LEFT, to get in your "Blogger Quest" entries. $50 bucks of summer spending cash is up for grabs.....GG

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Short Post, Logo Television, Gay Guru Poll: After Dark??, Daily Eye Candy

It's Short Post Sunday, Blogger Goodbye!! Haha, just kidding, sorta. I really dont have a lot to talk about today, I have really enjoyed my weekend, just getting my head back together, making some mental notes and actual lists for things that are still to come. I got my Direct TV installed yesterday, I am officially back from the television stoneage of broadcast tv. Now I instead of 4 channels with not much to watch in the summer, I have 527 channels with not much to watch in the summer, lol. Actually, I am loving having the LOGO network on my TV now. I have to admit, I have been out of the loop on Gay TV. I really couldnt comment much on the rise and fall of HERETV, the gay channel that was mostly pay per view, that came and went. And I honestly don't know much about LOGO. I am hoping it wont dissappoint me, I am just starting to check out the website now, and look at future programming schedules. A quick glance shows some good diversity, I am just hoping I dont see the exact same diversity next month, IE: the HBO tragedy of the same thing played 800 times a year. I am sure with such outlets, the creative gay forces that be are able to have loads of content, at least I hope so. If any of you watch anything regularly on LOGO that you think I should check out, please drop me an email or leave a commment. If I find anything that stands out to me, I will let you know about it.

So I have an idea in my head and I want to put it out there and see what some of you blogger friends think about it. Even though I am wicked busy, the brain keeps on churning, and I keep having ideas about things I would like to do. I have had an idea brewing in the back of my brain for a couple of weeks now, and I am thinking about testing the waters with it, but would like some of your imput. I really love being the Gay Guru, and although I am still not 100% sure what direction this blog, and accompanying website is going, it's an awesome ride. Of course the main purpose has been to give back a little to the community through advice, information, humor, and commmentary to all of our GLBT community AND our friends and families. I think I have been providing that, although there is still a LOT more work that needs to be done here. Overall, for less than 3 months of operation, from formation to here, I dont think I and all my friends who are helping, like Mikey, Bruce, and all of you my blogger friends, have done a bad job of getting started. Here is my thoughts though. As much as becoming the Gay Guru is very important and a big part of me, I still have more to me and my gayness, that is probably just not appropriate for this forum. It is more in the line for just the GLBT community, and not so much for our friends and families interest. I am talking about things like gay club life, the gay social scene, parties, relationships, sexuality, sex and even the gay porn world. Though I touch lightly on each of these subjects every once in a while, I dont really think that those topics belong on this "friends and family" oriented site. I believe I have enough life experience and such, to create daily content about the "other" side of gay life, things that I find interesting or sexy or whatever, but more of an adult gay lifestyle. What I am considering, is running a companion blog and possible website, tentatively titled: The Gay Guru - After Dark, that would be a forum for all of these other things. So what do you think about that blogger friends? I would really appreciate as much feedback as I could get from you all on this subject. Here are the three things going through my mind about it. A) Go for it, it would be fun, sexy, and spice things up a bit for my blogger friends out there. People would be interested in both sides of the Gay Guru world, and one would not affect the other. B) I really shouldn't get over my head and start another companion project yet, until I find my true voice for the original Gay Guru sites and can consider them both strong successes. Start the "After Dark" site further down the road. C) I will probably turn-off readership to the original Gay Guru and should not do the "After Dark" project. It would probably either offend or distance my current blogger friend readership, or it would attract all the attention away from the main idea of the Gay Guru in the first place and would just turn out to be the main focus of the readership. Well, here's where you come in blogger friends, give me your opinion on this quick poll. As I said, I would still appreciate personal feedback from you, and you can email me at the email link at the top of the right column, or leave comments here at the end of this post. Thanx for sharing your thoughts with me friends, vote your truth, there are no hard feelings here.

Should I create a companion Blog/Website, "After Dark"?

Yes! I think it would be fun and I would still read both Vote Here

No! Keep concentrating on this site for a while, get it right, THEN start it. Vote Here

No! You will probably lose interest and readership here, dont do it. Vote Here

Have a great week blogger friends, 8 more days left to get in your "Blogger Quest" answers, have you figured out what you want to spend your $50 bucks at on? Here is our Sunday Daily Eye Candy, I "pray" that I run into one of these two hotties in my travels today to Gay-Mart, and that great french store, tarjay, lol...GG

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Casino Night, "Blogger Quest" Clue, Life in the Gay Ghetto, Daily Eye Candy

It's Saturday Blogger Friends, are you enjoying your weekend? I came back from the casino with less money, but a smile on my face, if you know what I mean. It was a great thing to ease my mind from all the stuff I have going on and just do some mindless, relaxing, selfish pursuits. The second entry into my "Blogger Quest" contest has come in, but still is missing three answers....I emailed them back for a second bonus chance, (but I dont tell you which three you got wrong). I promised a clue today for the contest, so I will elaborate a bit on one of the questions that have puzzled quite a few people. It may have been in my wording...I suck at rhymes, lol. For question 12..... I may not have made it too clear the answer I am looking for. I think the blog in question is not too hard to figure out, the plane and republican bent should help give it away. The answer to the question lies in the second part. I want to know what award the two guys from cleveland that he links are vying for with their podcast. The title of their podcast is in the clue. Okay, that's all the extra bit of info you get for that question right now. I hope you are all having fun trying to figure out my silly rhymes, and checking out some kewl new blogs. You still have 9 days to get your answers in. Don't worry if you dont have them all right, no one is going to laugh at you. Give it a try, find what you can and send in your answers. All the questions are on the Blogger Quest page of the Gay Guru Website, so have fun, and enter soon.

How about a little "gay ghetto" update? I teased you a while back with the basic outlay of my fun little neighbors in a previous post, let's see what's going on in the neighborhood. You remember the house across the street, that the landlord is renting to the "newly out" guy? Recently divorced, very nice guy, average looking, and really enjoying his gay puberty, he has caused your friendly neighborhood Guru, loads of laughs these past two weeks. As I said, he is average looking, but very masculine and authoritarian, very "daddy-like", which I guess is his appeal. I have rarely seen someone so able to get the cute young boys to come and play. Here's what happened these last 10 days that highlights this guys play, (str8 family and friends, nothing x rated here, but you may wanna pop down to the next paragraph anyway, lol.) About 14 days ago, I see him at Big Papa's house, (my landlord, he has a great big front porch where all us gays seem to congregate throughout the day and evening, haha), and he is with his current young bf of the last month or so, chatting about the upcoming weekend camping trip. Four days later, I see him with a different boy, I ask about the camping trip, he says he didnt go and introduces me to his "new" boyfriend. Okay, a slight case of whiplash, but I adjust quickly and say hello, and they invite me out to play pool at the local gay bar that night. I tell him I will meet him there, but end up not being able to go. 3 days later, I see him getting out of his car, as I walk out my door, and yell over that I am sorry I didnt make it to play pool. Out of the passenger seat comes "boyfriend number 1" from the missed camping trip. "ummmm, errrr.." I stammer out as I say a meek "Hi". They remove groceries from the car as he tells me that "boyfriend number 1" is moving his stuff in with him tomorrow. The whiplash is worsening, but I still am able to get a grip on the current round of gay drama. 2 days later, again I see him getting out of his car, when what do my wondering eyes do observe...."boyfriend number 2" from the pool hall is back again and now HE is moving in. So this is where the story ends, as of today, 3 days later, "boyfriend number 2" is still in the picture, and I am making a chiropractor appointment on Monday, for this severe case of gay whiplash!! It took a lot of planning to get ONE play date at the casino this weekend and this guy has mad game that I never even thought of since I was in my early 20's..hahaha!! I will keep you updated on more of the drama, trials and tribulations of the Gay Ghetto, as I see fit, I dont want to alienate all my neighborfriends, lol, (most of them dont know about this blog, thank goodness, and Big Papa has been sworn to secrecy.) Good news in the 'ghetto, is that Big Papa has arranged for me to get Direct TV this weekend. I have been living off of the four local broadcast channels for the past 7 months, but all will be well again soon. Cable TV is included for a very small extra fee in my rent, but there was problems in December, now everything is Okey Dokey, and Satellite TV including the gay channel LOGO is coming this weekend, YEA!!!

Short and Sweet is the theme for this weekends posts. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends, and enjoy a little Daily Eye Candy to set the mood for the weekend.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Fabulous Friday, Heading to the Casino, Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, it's Fabulous Friday here again!! And YES, I did find a couple of fabulous things this week. I was so dissappointed in the UN-Fabulous offerings of last Friday, that I was hoping for one or two goodies. First we have for you caffeine freaks out there, who can't get by without their morning Starbucks, this might have you taking a step back or cutting back, or at least switching to decaf, lol. Wanna impress your guests? Serve them with a piping hot cup of rich brewed coffee and in between break the secret that what they are sipping is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Here are a few flavors that are tagged as the most expensive coffees, thanks to fine quality, distinctive aroma, rich flavor and a unique sweetness.

1. Kopi Luwak
$160 per pound

2. Hacienda La Esmeralda
Boquete, Panama
$104 per pound

3. Island of St. Helena Coffee Company
St. Helena, Africa
$79 per pound

4. El Injerto
$50 per pound

5. Fazenda Santa Ines
$50 per pound

6. Blue Mountain
$49 for a pound

7. Los Planes
El Salvador
$40 per pound

8. Kona coffee

9. Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon

10. Yauco Selecto AA
Puerto Rico

Have you spent your very last gay nerve, looking for the perfect patio and bbq accessories for your uber, fabulous backyard? Dont like the big, bulky, feed 50 jobbers? If you associate barbeque grills with rectangular shapes or bulky models then you need to check-out this fabulously designed Del Mar Magma grill that looks like a fine cocktail-seat made in steel! The sleek gas barbecue grill is made of mirror polished 18-9 stainless steel and is 41″ in height. The elegant barbeque grill features pop-out, single knob, temperature control and piezo lighting system, concealed, swing-out regulator for easy canister change and patented double-hinged lid. The gas barbecue grill can also be used as stove or oven and is available in natural gas and liquid propane. The barbecue comes completely assembled for around $400. And is a perfect for all your barbeque parties that will compliment your outdoor decor too!

And our Final FAB, are the kinda geek like me that needs to have all the new gadgets that come out? First in line at Sharper Image on new catalog day? Ever own one of your own pet robotic dogs?? If you don’t own a robot, but are constantly muddling over the thought to get one then you can very well settle yourself for any of the innovative robot models from the Korean company called Robot3. TheRawFeed reports, “The company designs robots purely for for fun including for entertainment at parties and other events.” The coolest of all is this four-legged ridable robot called R7, which features a plush seat you can sit in while it walks around under your control. The company has enormous range featuring robots shaped like animals and it even has designed a robot shaped like a girl! The robot-cum-vehicle is priced at $5,250. So, if you love to ride animal creatures like horses, raptor and dinosaur, then you can have as many rides as you want!! Besides, its comparatively lot more cheap a price for a functional robot…what say!!

I am going to keep this post short and sweet today. My mind has been so swirling around lately with everything I have on my plate, that I am taking a little ME time tonight, and driving out with a "friend", to the local casino for a night of gambling, a little boozing, an overnight stay, a little massaging, (and we may even invite the hotel masseur up as well...), and a relaxing morning tomorrow. I hope you all have a great weekend. I will post tomorrow afternoon, and will give away one of the first clues to the big "Blogger Quest" contest. If you have any questions that really have you stumped, send me an email tonight or tomorrow morning and if I see a pattern, or just want to pick one at random, I will. I hope you all are excited and visiting the other blogs, and writing down your answers. As I told you I have one entry already, and you have 10 more days to get your entries in...Good Luck.

And now on to a little Daily Eye Candy....enjoy these boys and keep checking back at the Guru over the weekend........Take care blogger friends.........GG

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crazy Weather and Me, First Contest Entry, President Bush Veto's Expanding his Brain Cells, (I mean Stem Cells,), HOT Wings, Eye Candy

Howdy Blogger Friends!! Sorry for the late post, but I got home late from training today and we had a major thunderstorm this afternoon that took out my power and the internet here at the lil' ol' gay ghetto. Wow!! Lots of thunder and lightening, but I loved it, I love thunderstorms. Of Course I am weird that way. Being from California, I have experienced first hand, earthquakes, floods, a tsunami warning once when visiting Hawaii, Mudslides in Malibu, etc. So I have kinda freakishly been hoping, since my time here in the Midwest, to come across a really super powerful snowstorm, thunderstorm, or tornado. I have had some decent snow, but nothing I couldn't drive through yet. There have been some magnificent thunderstorms, but none as intense as I have been expecting yet. And with the exception of some lousy tornado warnings where nothing has happened, none of those yet either. Oh well, lol, I am still young, haha!!

OMG, I have recieved my first entry into my "Blogger Quest" contest. Remember, if you wanna little spending money this summer for something small and fun just for you, how about a chance to win $50 bucks at This person missed 3, so I have decided to change a contest rule, since I didn't think I would have an entry this early. If you have less than all 18 points possible, (15 questions, 2 with 2 answers, and the bonus point,) I will email you back and let you enter again. So you don't only get just one chance to enter, I will give you 2. It is still the person with the most correct answers as the winner, and in case of a tie, all those with the most correct answers, will be put into a hat and drawn for the top $50 dollar gift card prize. Good luck blogger friends, and lets see some more entries. Who couldn't use a couple cd's a new video game, a couple great books, or something else fun this summer?

I want to talk about or beloved President a bit, and his first veto of his time in office. Granted he still has a few more years, (unfortunately,) but his one little veto pales in comparison to Daddy Bush, Clinton, and Especially Ronald Reagan. The Teflon Prez had 70 something, Big Papa Bush had less than that, and Keep it Zipped clinton had only 37. So what does Bushie Jr. decide to use his first big, powerful veto power on? Stem cell research!! Yup, God forbid we take harvested embryo's who are pretty much getting ready to be dumped due to non-use within the required time period, and use them to, oh I dont know, maybe cure some diseases that are afflicting millions of americans or something. Duh, and by the way, according to Bushie and his friends in the Christian Right, God DOES forbid it, and so he is taking his moral high ground once again. The same high ground that is so high up there, you can't see down to the common man, who would like to legally marry another man, or the woman who wants to choose what happens to her body if raped, or just mentally unprepared to give a baby up after living with it for 9 months. Even Nancy Reagan, whose Ronnie the republicans often bow down to as one of the greatest Republicans that ever lived, is in support of this. The Speaker of the House is now for it, (after voting against it, bet that makes Kerry pissed!! Sorry, had to let that slide in). So anywho, Bushie Jr. wins his battle of the veto, and frozen eggs everywhere are safe for the time being.

Do you like Wings? Hmmmmm, I have never been a huge fan of them, but all of a sudden, I think they are going to become my new favorite food. Last night, Str8 Mate, Jay, and I went to the grand opening of the newest Quaker Steak and Lube Chain, here in NE Ohio. Quaker Steak is a scaled down version of think "Hard Rock Cafe". They are famous for their wings, and their bike nights, and classic cars and stuff. Anyway, I was there to try some of my two favorites of theirs, the Louisiana Lickers, and Golden Garlic. The wings were hot blogger friends, but far less than my hottie waiter that took care of us. Poor Jay, my outgoingness and flirtatious ways, has landed him in many an interesting situation. Luckily for him, there was a hot waitress taking care of the table next to ours with a "smoking ass", according to Jay, so it was all good, we both got something to enjoy besides the wings. This guy had the tousled hair of a surfer, (which usually turns me off, being I am from California where the real surfers are and the closest thing to surf here in NE Ohio is the high tide foot and a half waves at Lake Erie,) the tan olive skin of a greek god, the muscles of someone who probably goes to the gym, but the muscles are so flawless, they might just be natural, killer teeth with an awesome smile, and awesome calfs accentuated by his board shorts they are allowed to wear. DAMN!!! Now even though I am not really a shy person, and am quite flirty and outgoing, I could not summon up the nerve to snap him with my cell phone camera. A) My cell phone pics suck, and B) It could not be stealthy because the lighting would have required the flash on my cell. His name is Conrad, can you believe it, sounds like it just came off the page of a cheesy romance novel doesnt it? Anyway, I flirted enough that I am pretty sure next time I can just ask him if I can take a picture of him, and believe me, there WILL be a next time, lol.

Get ready for the weekend blogger friends, hope you all have a great one, will talk at you you didnt think I would forget your daily eye candy, did you?.........laterz..........GG

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Taking Time for Introspection, Expanded Eye Candy

Happy "HUMP"day Wednesday Blogger Friends. We've made it to the "hump" of the week, it should all be an easy ride from here. I'm taking some time today for a little introspection and review of the blog. Emails are up, readership is steady or up, but comments seem to be down, and I am not sure if it's because it's summer and people are just too hot, tired and busy to say hi, or I have to tweak my content a bit. I try not to let silly things like lack of comments bug me, but you know we all have our insecurities, lol. I can understand some symptoms though, I myself have been very busy lately and have cut down on my commenting quite a bit. I keep feeling that twinge of blogger guilt for not posting to my blogger friends, but it either seems I have nothing worth while to add, or I am just reading too late at night now and I am tired and sleepy and too lazy to write a quick comment. If you have any content ideas, you would all like to see me explore, drop me an email or, lol, a comment. I gave you all some background on the "gay ghetto" where I live, and as a lot of you said, it is ripe for soap opera telling proportions, and thats just in your minds, just wait till I tell you what happens around here sometimes for real, haha!! Just point me in a direction you might want to see the blog take in content, or if you think things are fine as they are, let me know that too, I do appreciate all of your imput and for the first year, this is really going to be a work in progress. I keep forgetting I have only been around for 3 and a half months, and am at a pretty good place for that amount of time.

While I contemplate things, I am going to get right into Eye Candy today, our special expanded edition, as we do every "HUMP"day. I like to take Wednesdays to remind you, that all Eye Candy featured on this site is purely in the eye of the beholder, ME, and are just random pictures of hotness I have found around the web. I do not hold any copyright to any of these pictures, and if you have proof of copyright, please email me and I will remove any copyrighted picture immediately. I will talk to you soon blogger friends......GG

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