Saturday, December 08, 2007

Equality Ohio, MySpace Spam

Hey blogger friends!! I have literally just returned from a leadership conference in Columbus, Ohio for Equality Ohio. It was great meeting with various GLBT groups from all over the state to share ideas, learn about the goals for Ohio in 2008, and do some great fellowship and networking. I represented our Mahoning Valley Stonewall Democrats, and was really impressed by all the great work that Equality Ohio is doing and continues to do. Executive Director, Lynn, is a one woman dynamo who knows what she is talking about, and more importantly, knows how to create excitement, build consensus, and run an organization. Attorney General for the State of Ohio, Marc Dann, gave a keynote address, and fielded questions, and was great to see as a proud supporter of state diversity and inclusion. I really want to start exploring my activist roots again after I attend events such as these. We will see what the future holds for the Gay Guru.

Can I tell you all my one gripe since being back? MySpace Spam!!! For some reason, I dont remember so much spam coming through before when I was running the page. It seems that I am daily deleting 5-10 inbox messages at least that are trying to make you my friends, click thru to some sort of scheme or another. And friends requests?? At least it's pretty easy to pick the ones that are spam/porn, due to the fact that they are of very beautiful, voluptious woman who are asking the GAY guru that they are looking for people in my area to be friends or date, LOL. I guess it's a natural progression on a free networking space such as MySpace, but I cant help but be disappointed. How about telling me what you think Blogger Friends. Should I continue to sort thru all the spam as a necessary evil to talk to you, all of my legitimate MySpace friends, or should I forget MySpace altogether and just have you check out the www.MyGayGuru(dot)blogspot(dot)com Share with me your thoughts blogger friends. Maybe I should go back to a 1-5 page website and skip MySpace.

Hope you all are getting ready for a Happy Holiday Season blogger friends. I am thinking on doing another 12 gays of christmas posting starting the 14th, it was kinda fun last year. Take care.................GG



If you have an internet presence aren't you REQUIRED to have a Myspace page these days? :)

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