Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kelly Clarkson Rocks Da House, Rockstar Supernova, Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, it's almost the weekend. You know I usually hate to post things that have already been around the Internet a lot, but even though this is making the rounds, I just gotta play it. I have been a Kelly Clarkson Str8 Mate from the very beginning of American Idol, Season 1, and she can be my Fag Hag, anytime. I even payed full price to "From Justin To Kelly" in the theatres, (I still want my money back on that one.) Anyway, even though they have a hard time cornering Kelly as sweet or saucy, she always seems to find ways to confound the critics trying to label her. I have always known down deep, that she was a true Southern Rocker!! So the video going around right now is Kelly, with "friend", and lead singer of the group, "Yellowcard", being asked to come jam onstage at the Metal fest Monday in L.A. She can kick it with the best of them, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

While we are talking music, I am going to keep this post short, but want to talk about my obsession with " Rockstar Supernova". Click on the link for the awesome website that is created like a tattoo, it rocks!! I watched last years search for INXS's search for a new lead singer, and I am enjoying this season just as much. There is some serious talent on this show and some nice Eye Candy as well. Of course I was in love with the pretty boy of the season, Josh Logan, (pictured below). He wasnt right for the band, but his hot jamaican sounds and bluesy rythm's blew me away usually. He would have made a horrible rocker, but would make a hot small arena act, like 5,000 seats or so. Last night they said goodbye to truly the most inventive and imaginative contestant, Zayra. Every week she brought something different and unique to the show. Like Josh, probably not the best fit for the band, but a definite power to be reckoned with in the music biz. Of the 7 left, I am hoping for the final 4 to include, Magni, Ryan, Storm and Dilana. Final 2, Magni and Dilana. My personal prediction for a winner........MAGNI!! But time will tell. If you are not watching this show, what else do you have going on in the summer HORRIBLE tv season on Tuesdays, from 9-10, and Wednesdays, from 8-9??

Todays Eye Candy, comes from the "Urban Boys" blog. I hope you all have a great weekend blogger friends...........GG


Steve S

Somebody get that boy with the red shorts and the 1980's pooka shell necklace a cheeseburger and fries pronto! Bill me if you have to, he needs to eat. Anything stronger than a breeze and he might fall down.


I regularly rip on American Idol because it infuriates me that Americans will vote for their Idol, but not for their president or senator or Congressman, etc ya know... just the people who can REALLY f-ck with your life... but, that being said, I do LOVE Kelly Clarkson... and as a hag, I think she'd make a mighty fine fag hag, too. When BabyGirl and I get in the car, I hold up CD's and ask her which one she wants to listen to. She regularly picks Kelly... sigh... someday, my 4 yr old BabyGirl will make some sweet fag happy with her fag hag self, too. :)


Ah, GG, if only ya lived closer...we'd have a great time on Tuesday and Wednesday nights watching Rockstar! I got into it last time about mid-way through (JD Fortune=hottie) and honestly didn't think I'd watch much this go round since that music isn't usually my cup of tea. That being said, DAMN these folks have got some serious talent! I, too, thought Josh was awesome, but I am more of a blues/reggae music kinda gal. And Zayra, while she may have annoyed the heck out of me, gets major kudos for having some cajones and she SOOOO kicked ass on that song she sang the night she got booted.

Tina, I like your way of thinking girl...and BabyGirl's, too! :)

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